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If you ask any NBA fan or any other person who is the all-time greatest basketball player, he would simply answer it be Michael Jordan. Michael Jordon net worth 2022 is estimated to be 1.7 billion USD, and he is recognized as a basketball icon by his fans, association, and colleagues.

How did Michael Jordon billionaire achieve his success? How did he become famous? What were his struggles? 

Continue reading to know more about him.

Who is Michael Jordon? 

Michael Jordan

He is one of the best former professional basketball players in America. He is recognized to be an iconic basketball player. He had fabulous athletic skills and abilities in sport and it gave him a high tank among the other basketball players. He was named to be the greatest athlete of America in the 20th century and did a great role in increasing the popularity of the NBA, dominating the sports from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s.

He was an unstoppable and multi-time champion. Moreover, he is a marketing icon becoming an inspiration for millions of kids. He led the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball Association championships. 

He won several honors and holds many records. He earned NBA’s most valuable player award five times. Now he is retired but leads his life in business

The early life of Micheal Jordon

Michael Jordon, in full Michael Jeffrey Jordan, was born on  February 17th, 1963 in Brooklyn New York. He was born to James Jordon Sr. and Deloris Jordon with four siblings, where two of them were brothers and the other two are sisters.  His father was a General Electric Plant supervisor mother was working at a bank.

He completed Elementary education at Ogden  Elementary School and attended the Trask Junior High School. 

The family moved to  Wilmington, North Carolina after a few years. There he attended Emsley A. Laney High School. 

​​From a very young age,  he was taught to work hard. Michael Jordon was in love with sports.  His father introduced him to baseball and built a basketball court in the backyard. From school, he started to show his athletic skills and played basketball, baseball, and football.

When he was in middle school, he won the Dixie Youth Baseball association’s Mr. Baseball title and the outstanding athlete title. 

He went to school early every day before everybody else did. He spent his morning practicing shooting hoops in the gym. His aim was to be the best in basketball, and so his teachers had to drag him when the first-period bell rang. 

Although Michael was on the team he was barely allowed to play in the interschool games. He used to hand out water and towels to the tired players.

Micheal Jordan was suspended from school for some of his mischievous behavior. So Deloris took him to the bank and he was made to sit in the car and read books the whole day. 

His failure in getting selected for the team

Michael Jordon basketball player

When Michael Jordan was 15 years old, he was around 5 foot 11.  He was trying to be a part of the varsity basketball team.  But his height did not match the eligibility criteria and so he was not selected. So as a child he wanted to grow tall.  When he used to go and say about this to his father,  he would reply that it is in your heart and the tallness is within you.  He said that you can be tall as you want to be in your thinking. 

And then finally he grew taller and earned a place on the team.  He was selected as a member of the McDonald’s all-American team. 

Before Michael used to play basketball with his brother Larry on the varsity basketball team, he use to play baseball in the backyard and there he commended Michael’s conviction and his struggle in becoming a great basketball player. 

His basketball skills in college

He failed to make his high school basketball team but continue to practice and made the team the next year.  He accepted a basketball scholarship after high school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill in 19081.

His first season at North Carolina earned him the  Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Rookie of the year in 1982. They won the championship and Jordon made the clutch shot that beat Georgetown University for the Championship. He led the ACC to score as a sophomore. He was recognized as the college player of the year for two years. 

He was a member of Summer 1984 the United States Olympic Basketball team and won the gold medal in Los Angeles, California. He was selected by the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association(NBA) as a third pick in the 1984 draft. 

His mother was worried about whether  Michael Jordan would get his degree or not.  But he received his degree in cultural geography in 1986.  He chose this field as a backup plan to become a weatherman. 

The professional basketball career of Michael Jordon

When Chicago drafted Micheal Jordon, they were a losing team, with only around six thousand fans to home games. But Jordon turned everything around. 

During the 1985-86 season broken foot was sidelined,  but he scored 49 points against the Boston Celtics in the first game and 63 points in the second game, and it was an NBA playoff record. 

He became the first player since Wilt Chamberlain (1936–1999) to score 3,000 points in a single season. Jordan enjoyed the success, but Chicago did not advance beyond the first round of the playoffs until 1988. 

Jordan focused on improving his other basketball skills, and in 1988 he was named Defensive Player of the Year. He was also named the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) and became the first player to lead the league in both scoring and steals. He was again named MVP in that year’s All-Star game.

Michael Jordan

In 1992, Chicago Bulls beat the Portland Trail Blazers to win their second NBA championship. The following year, they took the third championship and dominated the basketball world. 

He was following a short stint in minor league basketball and in March 1995 he returned to the basketball court for the Chicago Bulls. He came back stronger, averaging 30.4 points per game, and made a record of 72 regular-season wins before they defeated the Seattle supersonics for the NBA championship. 

In the year 1996 to 1997, the team matched the previous year’s record with 69 wins. In 1998, Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz faced each other for the championship and Jordon sink the winning shot in Game 6 to claim his 6th NBA title. 

Michael Jordon was named to the All-Star team and was honored as the league’s Rookie of the year. He became the first player to score 3000 points in a single season. 

The Chicago Bull was able to create a strong team and won the 1991 NBA title. In 1992, Michael Jordon played on the ‘Dream Team’ that participated in the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. 

The team won the gold medal and won their eight games by an average margin of 43.7 points. 

His father’s death

In the summer of 1993 James Jordon Sr was murdered. He was driving from Charlotte to Wilmington, North Carolina. Two teenagers shot him in his car in an apparent robbery.

He went missing for 11 days and his body was found in a swamp in McColl, South Carolina. His car had been found with its windows broken near Fayetteville, N.C.

Two young men were charged with murder. It was found that he was killed in the early hours of July 23. The death devastated Michael Jordon and two months later he retired from the NBA for the first time. 

In 1993 he decided to leave basketball for his baseball career. His father had always loved baseball. So when James was killed in the carjacking incident, Jordon sought to honor his dad’s wish by picking up a glove.

His career in Baseball 

In 1994,  he played for a minor league team, the Birmingham Barons as an  Outfielder.   We had a short career in baseball.  But still, he was seen as an extremely dedicated player with potential.

He famously struggle in minor league baseball but people were impressed with how he adjusted to the game he hadn’t played since High School.

Michael Jordon Billionaire

Michael Jordan initially wanted to wear Adidas after entering the NBA. He was also heavily pursued to endorse a small brand called spot Bilt. But it was Nike that threw out the full-court press to sign the Chicago Bulls rookie,  offering a then outrageous deal of $500 Grand per year the five years. Michael Jordans wanted to go with his original choice and went back to Adidas.

But the collaboration was made when Nike Launched the Air Jordon in  May 1985.  And by the end of the year, it generated more than $100 million in revenue. Michael Jordan is involved in a number of profitable businesses and Commercial Ventures.  He owned  Charlotte Hornets, and Michael Jordon’s net worth was worth to be over $1 billion in 2018. 

The Air Jordan quickly proved very popular and continue to be a bestseller for more than 30 years. 

Michael Jordan became the League’s highest player in just two of his  15 NBA seasons. His relationship with Nike has proven the most profitable.  In 2020 Michael Jordan made more than 1 billion dollars from Nike.  He unquestionably gets paid like a king after cracking Forbe’s list of the world’s billionaires in 2015.

He signed a number of other endorsement deals with brands including Coca-Cola, Hanes,  McDonald’s,  Upper Deck, Gatorade, Chevrolet, and Wheaties.

He became an actor by making a Big Splash in film as a star of the 1996 movie space champ.  The film was a mixed live-action and animation which paired Jordan with cartoon Legends Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

In 2010,  he became the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets and served as the chairman. The organization group from a $175 million valuation in 2006 to $1.05 billion in 2018. He became the first basketball billionaire. 

Michael Jordon’s personal life

Michael Jordan billionaire

In 1989,  Michael Jordan married Juanita Vanoy.  She gave birth to three children from him.  In January 2002,  they filed for divorce but soon reconciled. In December 2006 they divorced in a peaceful manner. 

In 2013 he got married to a Cuban model, named Yvette Prieto.  In February 2014 she gave birth to a set of identical twins.

Between 2001 to 2014, he held the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational, a golf tournament that raised money for charity.  In 2019 here the foundation raise as much as $5 million. 

Final thoughts 

Michael Jordan received his first most valuable play award from the NBA in 1988.  He then obtained it four more times in 1991,  1992, 1996, and 1998.  He received one of the basketball great’s honors in April 2009.

In 2016 he was presented with the presidential medal of freedom by President Barack Obama.

He was widely considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time and the first basketball billionaire. Is argued believe one of the greatest athletes of all time. He want to Olympic golds and was twice named The USA basketball male athlete of the Year.

He was not able to accept failure without trying. He always believed that the results would come if you put work into it. Michael Jordan has missed more than 9000 shots in his career,  and almost lost 300 games. He was been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed it. 

He took all of this as a motivation to succeed in his life. He made his weakness into strength.  He figured out to climb the obstacles, go through them, and work around them.

Michael Jordan is a prime example of the growth mindset.  It is your mindset that makes you successful. He reached the top and stayed there by improving continuously. Instead of focusing on winning,  Michael Jordan focused on growing. 

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