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Mia Khalifa

Everyone in the world has two sides in their life. We judge many people just by the one side they expose. So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are asked about Mia Khalifa? Obviously, people will remember and appreciate her for her career, as an ex-pornstar. But apart from that, there is much more you need to know about her. Mia Khalifa was at one time a most viewed performer.

But she quit her career in a very short period of time. Why did she? Let’s see the story of a Lebanese girl moving to the US for a better life, but ending up messing with her life with just a 3-month decision, giving her a lifelong effect.

Mia Khalifa’s inspiring story

Who is Mia Khalifa? 

She was born in Lebanon on 10th February 1993. After 7 years, she moved to the United States due to the height of the south Lebanon conflict in 2001. She went to a military boarding school in Virginia in the year 2001. She was a girl who didn’t know English when she arrived in America.

She was raised in a conservative Catholic household and her parents were overprotective of her, so she had to face many restrictions. When she attended school there, she was worried to fit in and was struggling with her weight. And during that time, the September 11 attacks took place and so she was bullied and was described as a terrorist. 

As weight and her look made her feel embarrassing, she didn’t realize her worth. So she lacked confidence in herself. She was worried that no one will ever give attention to her. She attended her university and did a bachelor of arts in history at the University of Texas at El Paso, USA.

During her senior year, she lost weight but she felt some discomfort with her body. She underwent surgery and this boosted her self-confidence. She felt pretty for the first time and it was a time where she like gaining attention. 

Then she saw her love of life and soon after she left high school she got married to her boyfriend in 2011. But 3 years after in 2014, they got divorced and separated. 

The start of her career in the adult film industry

Mia Khalifa

At the end of 2014, while she was living in Florida, a man approached Mia and complimented her beauty, and asked her to join modeling. As modeling was fine for her, she visited the Bang Bro’s studio, and there she received so many compliments and that was a point she felt value in herself. She received the attention she needed. But it was a company that actually produced adult films and so they gave her a contract in performing in the production of adult films. 

As she was a girl who was chasing for validation, she was at a vulnerable point when she approached to do so. She shot a scene and then she felt terrified, but afterward, she had the desire to feel valued again and so she went back and did it for the attention she was looking for. She felt scared that the opportunity will be missed if she didn’t do what she was asked to do. 

The controversy she faced

It was not about money and fame for her but she decided to do this as a secret and keep it quiet, thinking that among so many adult films on the internet, her family, friends, and people will not find her out. But then a film, where she was made to perform her act in a hijab.

This became a controversial film, which resulted in many issues and she started receiving threat calls and messages capturing her home address from the ISIS sympathizers.  Her private information was shared online and as a result, her friends and families got to know about her career in the porn industry and so she was disowned by her parents. 

She worked in the industry for 3 months and thought of quitting the job due to all the controversies. But she went viral overnight and ranked as the No. 1 performer on the popular adult website in December 2014. But although she received so much fame, she totally earned just $12,000 during her time in the industry. She received the title “porn star” which she didn’t want, where a quick google search of her could lead to a misjudge about her. 

She felt insecure 


Leaving the adult film industry she moved to another state and worked as a bookkeeper. But when a performer attracts a lot of attention, the production will use that popularity. Although Mia performed only in a dozen of videos, there are more than 3000 videos, as the production company released remixes and repurposed videos attaching well-known names to the videos.

The consumers were allowed to save the video and re-upload it later with any tag and name and so this made everyone think that Mia is still performing in new content. This cycle was continued without the consent of Mia. 

She was not feeling good, even after leaving the industry. She felt unsafe and uncomfortable when people recognized who she was. And so she started avoiding going out, public attention and refused to take pics. 

Rebuilt her new career as a single woman

Mia Khalifa’s inspiring story

She wanted to rebuild her career, so she moved to Austin, Texas, and sought her passion for sports. She focused on developing herself and stopped relying on men. She learned to validate her own self when she was a single woman. In October 2017, she announced that she would be co-hosting a daily sports talk show. 

Mia Khalifa, came forward to talk about her past life, and then many women and girls have contacted her and shared their stories of being exploited. The girls were the victims of sex trafficking where some were pressurized to act in porn, others were made to sign contracts they didn’t understand. As the industry is very large, there are varying experiences and stories. There are plenty who would prey on young adults for money. 

Mia was bold enough to overcome her past. She engages in raising her voice for issues and helps many charities. In 2017, she donated her earnings for hurricane relief efforts that happened in Louisiana and Texas, and in 2018, she released a t-shirt sale to raise funds for suicide prevention.

In August 2020, an explosion shook Beirut killing 137 people and wounding 5000. To help the homeless and wounded, Mia took to eBay to auction her famous glasses and at the end of the auction, the top bid was at $100,000. And so she continues doing many. 

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