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Lionel Messi

It is worth knowing about the inspiring story of Lionel Messi because he is considered as the G.O.A.T, which is the greatest of all time in football. He is one of the famous football players in the world and considered the best. We all know him as a successful and highest-paid athlete in the world. But do you know the way, he reached it? Behind this man, was a story with financial struggles, health disorders, and rejections. Nothing stopped him from becoming a successful player. So here is the biography of Lionel Messi, and even if you are not a fan of him, you will probably like him after reading this. 

The football lover Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi, fully known as Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini was born on 24th June 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. He was born into a poor family, where his father, Jorge Messi was a factory steelworker and his mother, Calia Maria Cuccittini was a part-time cleaner. He was born the 3rd with two elder brothers and a younger sister.

At a very early stage of life, Messi had a love and passion for football. Even during the financial struggles, Messi’s family supported him to play Football and they were considered as a Football loving family. 

At the age of 5, Messi joined the local club named Grandoli to play, which was coached by his father. He was a wonderful player and was outstanding for his age. He is said to grab the ball from his players and keep it under his foot for many minutes.

Everyone was astonished looking at him at the way he controls the ball and believed that he will be a great player. At the age of 8, he joined the Newell Old Boy’s club. 

He was deeply attached to his grandmother and she used to accompany him to matches and training but when she passed away, he was upset and did not play for many weeks. But his father motivated him and Messi returned on the field to play Football to make his grandmother proud of him and wanted to become a successful professional player. 

Lionel Messi was a child with the talent to score 6 to 7 goals in every match and he was a good player even among the boys older than him. He was small for his age, when compared to other players, and was recognized as the shortest player on the team, but was a top scorer. 

Shaterring of Messi’s dreams

Everything was going well, and then at the age of 11, he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency which is physically unable to grow unless he receives special therapy. This was a rare disorder and the treatment was very expensive and because of his poor financial background, his family was unable to pay for him.  However they tried their best to afford him the treatment for 2 years but the treatment was costly after that, so they failed to pay. 

The club he was playing football, refused to pay for him. But still, Messi continued to play the game, and he was the child with the same talent as football. He was recognized by Club Atlético River Plate (River Plate) and they were interested in Messi. But when they learned about the deficiency of Messi, they did not sponsor his medical treatment.

His success began in Spain

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A coach called Charly Rexach of FC Barcelona, a Spanish professional football club in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, noticed Messi and learned about his disorder. He sent an offer to his family, proposing a trial period to see whether Messi was worth the hype. And if he passes the trial, the club promised to cover his medical bills with one condition that Messi should leave his hometown and move to Spain. His family agreed and the expenses were taken care of by FC Barcelona.

In 2001, February, he moved to Barcelona, Spain and there he faced a few problems of rules that were related to foreign players and so he was given rare chances of playing football in the first year. He got homesick from being separated from his mother, became very silent, and was not able to play his game. In 2002, he was enrolled for the Royal Spanish Football Federation and was allowed to play.  

His height surprised many, as he was shorter for his age and when compared to the other football players, he was the shortest. But he made them not consider his height by playing on the ground with so much talent, and the coach was blown away by his ability. And the contract with Barcelona changed his life forever. 

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He made his first debut at the age of 16, in a friendly against FC Porto, and his performance caught the attention of everyone. He spent his entire career with Barcelona and at the age of 22 he won the prestigious FIFA world player of the year award, he has a record-tying 5 Ballon d’Or awards and a record with 6 European golden shoes. And now he is one of the World’s highest goal scorers. 

Work towards your goal, no matter what obstacles try to stop you. You will surely achieve your dreams when you work for them. 

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