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We know about the two iconic world-famous paintings known as ‘Monalisa’ and ‘the last supper.  These paintings were created using the combination of art and science, and it is a part of the story of humanity. Majority of us know, who created these paintings but in this section we thought of sharing about his life and works. Leonardo Da Vinci is the genius who created these paintings, the famous painter in Italy. He was also recognized as an architect, engineer, inventor, and theoretical producer. And he was personified as the Renaissance man.

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Early life and biography of Leonardo Da Vinci

His biography starts on April 14, 1452. He was born to an unmarried couple, and his father, Ser Piero was a Florentine notary and a landlord, and his mother Caterina, was a peasant woman. Leonardo was his early name and he lived with his father’s family in the estate of Vinci, as his mother got married to another man.

He obtained his basic education in writing, reading, and math. He was appreciated by his father for his artistic works and when he was at the age of 15, his father sent him to work as an apprentice in a workshop of Andrea Del Verrocchio in Florence. There he obtained his training and learned technical artworks including painting and sculpture. He was offered membership for the painter’s guild of Florence in 1472. He was with Verrocchio and then independently started working in the year 1481.

He got his first commission in 1482, but he gave up on his work and went to Milan to work for the ruling Sforza and served there as a sculpture and painter. He remained there for 17 years busy with his works in the court festivals and he gave his advice for military, architecture, and for defenses while served as an engineer. In his 17 years, he did 6 works including the wall painting of ‘the last supper, and mostly spent his time studying science, and with nature.

He was asked to make a monumental bronze statue in the honor of the founder of the dynasty of Sforza and he worked for 12 years and in 1493 the 16 feet statue was put into public display, but it was ruined in the war with the fall of Sforza in 1499.

His works

After the French invaded Milan, Leonardo left for Venice and then for Florence. He drew the portrait of Monalisa which is filled with mysteries with a smile on her face. His interest was beyond arts that he studied physics, anatomy, mechanics, and architecture. Apart from that, he tested the laws of science and dissected the human and animal bodies while noting his observations in his notebooks. As his interests ranged, he failed to complete most of his works. He also sketched some plans of cities and topographical maps, when he entered the service as an engineer of Cesare Borgia. He designed a bridge in Constantinople and produced a map of the route of the canal.

He sketched the expression and emotions and related them to the inner feeling and created paintings giving a feel of reality and focused on every aspect of the figures in his painting. And that is how he created Monalisa and the last supper. He included tricks with different perspectives and science in his paintings. And these two famous paintings included many mysteries that are still hard to solve.

the last supper 1921290 1920

It was believed that Leonardo had odd opinions and he was gay. Another characteristic is that he was a left-handed artist. He was very popular and had many friends. In 1516 he was named as the premier painter, engineer, and architect to the king. Da Vinci died at the age of 67 in the year 1519. And he was buried in the palace church of Saint Florentine and his works was displayed in the museums.

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