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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II who had been the longest-serving heir in British history, the eldest son King Charles III, formerly Charles, Prince of Wales became the current king of the United Kingdom as King Charles III of England.  

Being the oldest person ever to assume the British throne raised curiosity among people to know about his past and present life. His story includes some events and being an avid gardener, a painter, and a fan of William Shakespeare. He spent years working behind in promoting charities and fulfilling duties. 

So we have compiled the life story to know who is King Charles III of England and the events that have been a part of his life. 

The early life of Charles III

Charles III fully known as Charles Philip Arthur George was born on November 14, 1948, to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as the eldest son. 

At an early age, Charles ascended the royal hierarchy and his mother became the queen when he was three years old after the death of his grandfather King George VI in 1952. 

Prince Charles with his Family in early age

As he was the oldest child of Elizabeth, he became the heir apparent to the British throne and received the title of Duke of Cornwall. King Charles III siblings are Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

His education 

The royal family use to receive tutors at the family’s palace home, but Charles instead of receiving tutors at home was made to attend school. Charles went to the Hill House School in London in 1956.

At the age of nine, he was made the Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester and so had increased responsibilities along with his education. He changed schools to go to Gordonstoun in Scotland and later in the decade as an exchange student, he also studied in Melbourne, Australia. 

In 1970, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he graduated from the University of Cambridge, and become the first heir apparent to earn a university degree. He was later awarded a Master of Arts degree by Cambridge.

From 1967 to 1970 part of the University of Cambridge, he studied archaeology and anthropology. He was active in campus life, participating in several activities such as polo. 

Additionally, as a child, he also learned piano, trumpet, and cello, and while an undergrad he played cello in the Trinity College Orchestra. 

He joined the military service

After receiving his degree in 1970 Charles embarked on a career in the military. He went through six months of aviation training with the Royal Air force. In 1971, Charles joined the Royal Navy to serve on the HMS Norfolk and received a promotion in 1973 to acting lieutenant. 

He then joined the Royal Naval Air Station to receive helicopter training during the mid-1970s. In 1976, Charles ended his military service as commander of the HMS Bronington, and in the same year, he established the Prince’s Trust, a charitable organization that was dedicated to helping and improving the lives of disadvantaged youth.

With parachute training, Charles expanded his military skill set, and he had already taken the reins at times as the pilot for the Queen’s Flight, the monarchy’s official aircraft. He was promoted to Group Captain for the Royal Air Force in 1995, and in the new millennium was again promoted to the rank of Air Chief Marshal.  

Charles’s marriage to Diana

Charles and Diana

In his twenties, he had a playboy reputation.  In June 1977, at a party at Windsor Castle,

He met Lady Sarah Spencer, and the two invited each other to polo and shooting events.  In November Charles went to the Spencer estate Althorp, and there he met Sarah’s younger sister. Diana was 16 years old. 

Charles and Sarah went on a ski weekend to Klosters in Switzerland and there she allegedly met a journalist and told them that she would not marry Charles if he were the dustman or the King of England.

Charles ended their relationship being upset about her disclosure to the press. Then Charles and Lady Diana met at a mutual friend’s home. After just a few months of dating, Prince Charles surprised the young Diana by proposing in Windsor Castle on February 3, 1981. 

On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana. 750 million people across the globe tuned in to watch the spectacle on television while another 600,000 stood in the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. 

On June 21, 1982, Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, who immediately became an heir to the British throne behind his father, Prince Charles. And they welcomed their second son, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, on September 15, 1984.

Charles III divorced Princess Diana

He was reportedly in a relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles while married to Diana. So the couple officially separated in 1992 and got divorced in 1996. Charles was the first heir to the throne to get a divorce.

In August 1997, Diana, the Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris. Charles traveled with her sisters to France despite their differences to accompany her body back to England. 

As a result of the divorce, Prince Charles was free from the Church of England’s remarriage limitations, and Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles were legally wed in 2005.

His Philanthropy

King Charles III of England became a leading philanthropist. In addition to his trust, he has sponsored many charitable organizations and supported them to improve educational services, funded arts initiatives, provide employment opportunities to older citizens and help the environment. 

In 2007, the Prince’s Rainforest Project was launched by Charles supporting curtailing tropical deforestation. Moreover, Charles has also promised to have a multi-faith coronation if or when he takes the throne.

Charles has a long history of interest in urban planning and development and so he once built a town named Poundbury which is situated in Dorchester, England. Charles wanted the town to be a mix of traditional architecture and modern urban planning.

The other interests of king Charles III of England

Prince Charles of Whales

Charles has been the president of more than 400 organizations, including golf, opera, and military groups. He is concerned with nature and the preservation of the environment. He promoted the planting of trees and supported large financial prizes for technology and scientific innovations that restrain carbon emissions.

He runs an organic farm and King Charles loves farming and gardening. He farms alone. He has a company ‘Duchy Originals’ as he loves the environment so much that the company distributes food and goods produced ethically. 

He modified his vintage Aston Martin car so it could run on bioethanol fuel, made from surplus English wine.

A new bed and breakfast in Caithness called the Granary Lodge, Scotland was announced to be opened in Spring 2019. On the grounds of The Castle of Mey, situated where Charles’ great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth used to vacation.

He is a painter

Charles III is an accomplished painter and he is among the best-selling living painters in the UK. King Charles mainly creates watercolor landscapes, and since 1997, sales of his artwork have brought nearly USD 3 million.

The money from the sale is given to the Prince of Wales’s charitable foundation. His lithographs can sell for anything between USD 3,600 and over USD 21,000.

Controversies he faced 

The Paradise Papers, which is of 13.4 million electronic documents were leaked in November 2017. This revealed that Charles was one of many international leaders and celebrities who owned offshore investments, which was a Bermuda-based company. According to reports, Charles ran for office in 2007 on a platform of changing climate change legislation without disclosing that his overseas company would profit financially from such changes.

The papers have come out claiming that Charles has no direct involvement in the off-shore account while his spokesman added that he voluntarily pays taxes and his foreign investments. 

He is a hardworking person

Charles and Camilla in Jamaica in 2008

King Charles III of England is known as an absolute workaholic. He is described by the people in the monarch as well as the ones who share the everyday life that he loves to stay busy and productive. 

In 2019 alone he had completed 521 engagements, including 145 official visits, ceremonies, sports, concerts, and charity events. 

Grandchildren of King Charles III

In 2013 with the arrival of George Alexander Louis, he became a grandfather, the son of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Soon after his grandson’s birth, Charles released a statement. 

Charles soon had a granddaughter as well, Princess Charlotte who was born on May 2, 2015. On April 23, 2018, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Charles’ second grandson, Prince Louis.

On May 6, 2019, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, gave Charles another grandson with the birth of their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Becoming the king

Queen Elizabeth nominated Charles to succeed her as leader of the 53-nation organization of Britain and its former colonies during a Commonwealth conference in April 2018.

For upcoming generations, she expressed her fervent hope that the Commonwealth would continue to provide stability and continuity and would determine that the Prince of Wales should eventually continue the significant job that had been started by her father in 1949. Soon after, representatives of the Commonwealth said that they would follow the Queen’s instructions.

Prince Charles succeeded his mother Queen Elizabeth II, who had been in the role for more than seven decades, as King Charles III of England on September 8, 2022.

The name he chose for his reign, the name is his own first name, Charles, and because he is the third king Charles in British history it is followed by the Roman numeral III, and so he was called King Charles III of England. 

Planning is required by the ancient ritual of the coronation. Although a lot of that has already been done there hasn’t been a coronation since June 1953 when the late queen was crowned.
Charles is known to be the oldest monarch to ever take the British throne as he is 73 years old. 

Charles III and the position of king

King Charles III of England

Charles has mostly been an outspoken person. He has spoken of sensitive issues from genetically modified crops to homeopathic medicines and architecture. These made him a more isolated figure. 

Being an older person, Charles is stepping into the role and so expected his reign to last at least 10 years because of his health consciousness. Charles has always insisted he intends to follow her lead and stop meddling when he takes the throne. The job performance is expected to be immediate as well as challenging because his rule begins at a time of historic inflation, due to the war in Ukraine and an ongoing pandemic.

It is rare for any monarch to come to the throne with this kind of difficulty that the British are facing. Although the king has no political power he needs to exert his soft power as a neutral leader and his presence is important. 

He would have to face current affairs and has to deal with changing outlooks about the monarchy’s imperial, racist past, and colonialist. 

His whole life was spent preparing to be sovereign and he has proved beyond doubt that he isn’t work-shy. The new King and his heir will be key to the future stability of the monarchy. 

After decades, he became not only head of state for the United Kingdom but also 14 other nations including Canada and Australia. 

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