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Keanu reeves

The struggles you undergo make you stronger to face the future. And you can find so many inspiring people who have become stronger and successful after facing hardships in life. Keanu Reeves, the successful Hollywood actor who became most famous for the role in The Matrix Trilogy. He is being noticed for his and admired for what he is. He is described as a humanitarian, fighter, and a humble man.

Keanu Reeves is recognized as a successful person in Hollywood, but the journey he came to is known less by the people. It was not that easy because it was filled with hardships and challenges. If you know only about his success, then know about his path that’s filled with heartbreaks and inspirations.

Who is Keanu Reeves? 

Keanu Charles Reeves was born on September 2nd, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. His father, Samuel Reeves was a Hawaiian geologist, and his mother Patricia was a costume designer. Keanu Reeves’ father was involved in dealing heroin and when Keanu was just 3 years old, Samuel Reeves left them and divorced his wife. 

Keanu’s Mother Patricia took care of him and his sister Kim, by working as a stripper at that time. They moved from Sydney to New York and then to Toronto and there Reeves grew up. Keanu attended 4 different schools and he was struggling with dyslexia, which is a learning disorder and it made him drop out of school without even getting a diploma. 

He joined Hockey and was an outstanding goalie, but his career in sports was not that good after he got an injury in his knee, which is still causing trouble for him up to this day. 

How did he reach his stardom? 

Although he was not a great student at school, he always wanted to become an actor showing a keen interest in acting. When he was just 9 years old, he got the opportunity to play several roles in theatres. He appeared in the roles of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet at the age of 15. He made his appearance in many commercials. 

Keanu reeves stardom

He didn’t have any plans and there were no savings from his side. But Keanu’s stepfather Paul Aaron helped him to find a manager and then the roles started finding him.  He made his debut movie as a hockey player in Youngblood (1986). He played teenage roles and used all the opportunities he got. During the periods of 1990s, he made a huge impression in the movie Point Break (1991), and by 1992, he won the award for being the most desirable man. 

In the year 1999, he got the lead role in the action classic movie, The matrix. It was a demanding and extreme role that poured him wealth. He was selected over other Hollywood A-listers like Will Smith, Leonardo Di Carpio, and Brad Pitt. 

Why is Keanu Reeves so inspiring? 

Keanu reeves inspiring

Although Keanu Reeves is a successful man, he was one of the saddest guys, who saw a lot of hardships in life. 

When he was 23 years old, his closest friend River Phoenix died due to a drug overdose. 

In 1992, his sister was diagnosed with Leukemia. 

During the period of making the movie The Matric, he met the love of his life, Jennifer Syme. They started dating and became the official girlfriend of Keanu. The couple stayed together, and a year later, Syme was pregnant, and they were eagerly waiting for their baby girl.

The day came soon in 8 months and the baby was born prematurely and the doctors could not do anything to save her. They could not handle the grief and so their relationship got ruined, separating both of them. 

In 2001, the news of Jennifer Syme’s death shocked many, as she lost control over her vehicle in Los Angeles and died instantly. They laid her body next to their daughter in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. He was broken after losing a child and his love and it took some time for him to overcome.

He was not found for years, and then people saw him in random situations in the public. He was depressed and he always stayed away from the spotlight, keeping a low profile struggling with depression. 

He tried to recover with his movie 47 Ronin but it was a flop, but then he gave a comeback with his movie The Matrix. He made another massive blockbuster with the movie John Wick, and people started admiring him once again. 

He fought his grief by writing.  He created a publishing house by 2009,  teaming up with a visual artist, Alexandra Grant. They published Reeves’ poem picture book, called the Ode of Happiness.  And by 2020,  they revealed about their relationship in Los Angeles.

What has Keanu Reeves done for society?

When his sister was diagnosed with leukemia and got cured,  the actor donated a lot of money to charities and organizations related to cancer. He donated 70% of his profit from movies to the healthcare units where leukemia treatment is offered.

He has a private charitable Foundation that helps a couple of children’s hospitals and Cancer Research.  He didn’t want to attach his name to it and let the foundation do what it does. He donated a huge part of his earnings Through The Matrix to the special effect guys and for the people behind the scenes.  He also donates money to the spinal code opportunities for rehabilitation endowment charity which was founded in the support of hockey players with spinal injuries.

What good things has Keanu Reeves done?

Keanu reeves matrix

He is a very good human by heart leading a normal life.  He is one of the  Hollywood stars without a mention, with no bodyguards and no fancy clothes. Although he is an actor worth about $100 million,  he still rides the subway and enjoys it, and hangs around with normal people.  And it is not uncommon to see him talking to homeless men on the sidewalks.  He always has a  friend is a smile on his face and does not let fame control him. 

What is Keanu’s biggest success?

His biggest success is that he became a Hollywood actor and reached stardom, even after having a tragic life. He is a huge inspiration for people. He never gave up instead he kept on pressing and moved forward to reach his success. He is very popular and relevant for his kind nature, unlike other famous celebrities. He is a humble man who is an active philanthropist who helps everyone.

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