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Johnny sins

People become popular and inspiring for some reasons. There are so many famous people in the world and one of the most searched people is Johnny Sins. He is a famous pornographic actor, director, and YouTuber who is known for his shaved head and muscular physique. What is his story? What makes him different? Instead of living a life fearing what the world would think about him, he did what is comfortable doing. Initially from working for hours in small jobs he decided to work for himself through porn. If you are interested in knowing his path to this industry, then continue reading. 

Johnny Sins childhood

Johnny sins whose birth name is Steven Wolfe was born on December 31st, 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was born to an ordinary lower-middle-class family with a sister. His father was a hard-working laborer in a steel mill who worked overtime to feed the family. 

The jobs he did 

Johnny sins story

Johnny Sins was a shy child and an introvert. At the age of 14, he started his work delivering papers for the local newspapers for two years. He delivered newspapers around the neighborhood and it was really a cool job for him. He then did many other small part-time jobs like changing tires in cars. He then joined in community college in his hometown and then got a job in a motorcycle dealership. 

After his first year of community college, he got ready to get out of his hometown and ended up taking a summer job at the steel mill where his father worked. He worked in the labor department as a laborer and there he crawled in furnaces and cleaned out them. He worked there for 6 days a week. 

Near-death experience 

He has experienced many risks and near-death experiences during his work and one such incident was an unforgettable experience for him. He was up on the crane with a group that is four to five stories high and there was a two-foot walkway with a railing on one side. He was there up to vacuum up dust that was on the top of the crane.

It was not a regular vacuum but a truck with a giant that is probably 1-foot diameter tubes attacked with broomsticks. The tube kicked out his feet to the edge and he went to grab the railing with both his hands luckily he gripped it and held on because his feet were over the edge. He saved himself with the railing and pulled himself. 

Johnny sins inspiring story

He later did a weird job when he was in college. He worked for a funeral home where he picked up bodies and took them to the crematorium. There he saw different perspectives on death where different families handled them. For some, it was super sad while some celebrated the funeral as a reunion kind of thing. This job paid him well. 

After college, he and his friends decided to move to Vegas to start work and their careers. There he worked at a 24-hour fitness as a sales guy. He hated the job and so after a week he left and moved on to his next job where he worked for a construction company as an assistant manager. He still didn’t make much money but he worked there for long hours. 

The loss of hair 

He noticed early signs of male pattern baldness when he was 24 years old. So he kept his head shaved ever since. 

He entered the adult film industry

Johnny sins biography

At the age of 26, he worked a job he hated and that was when he realized that he need to do something different with life. 

He met one of his friends and she asked him to go to Los Angeles and do porn.  He moved to Los Angeles to enter the industry. But there he got a job to put up music and movies posters all over LA. he worked at the nights and pasted them with a big bucket of glue and a broom. In the daytime, he did scenes here and there when he could and it paid him pretty well. Therefore he started to do porn full-time and became a born performer. 

He married a pornographic actress Kissa Sins but separated in 2019. 

He lived his life as he wanted and found his perfect job instead of sticking to the jobs that he hated. From doing weird jobs like carrying bodies to cemeteries to risking his life in construction works, he decided to do what fits him.  

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