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Achieving is one of the main goals we have in our life. Most of you try achieving but when you fail, you give up. When you are born in poverty or in a normal background, you are brought up with the mindset that achieving is impossible and should not dream to become successful. Even if you wanted to become successful, it will only end up just like a dream. Let’s break this mindset with the motivating and inspiring story of Cristiano Ronaldo who is recognized as one of the greatest footballers in the world playing for Portuguese. He is also known as a world-class athlete who became also as a successful businessman.

Do you think that he became a highly successful athlete from the start? No one can be so, he also has a starting point in which he struggled and faced hardships. Everyone faces this, but the question is how many overcome them to be successful. And so Cristiano Ronaldo overcame those struggles without considering them as a barrier to occupying his successful position. Let’s have a look at his inspiring story of becoming a success.

Biography and the inspiring story of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on 5th February 1985, in Funchal, Madeira in Portugal. He was born into a poor family with 3 siblings, and his father was a gardener and a kit man in the club of football with a low payment, while his mother was a cook.

Football was great to deal with and had high demand in Madeira as it was loved by the people. His father introduced him to football and then Ronaldo was also in love with football and was very passionate. He started playing it in the streets and because of his poverty he was not able to afford a football, so he rolled his old clothes as a ball and played with it. He trained himself very hard and did continuous practice from morning to evening. He burrowed old shoes from this neighbors to practice his sport.

He then joined one of the football clubs. He faced a lot of disgrace from his fellow mates for his father was a kit man in the club, but this did not stop him from playing instead he trained himself more to achieve and he always replied to them with his game. He was also put down by his teachers for his poverty and his passion for football. But still, he got his support from his parents.

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At the age of 12, he was recognized as a talent and was offered an opportunity to play football at one of Portugal’s well-known sports clubs called the Sporting CP. He also was pushed to a situation of leaving his entire family and hometown for his sports.

Ronaldo was undergoing a serious heart problem called tachycardia. This is a problem that increases the heartbeat abnormally. The doctors advised him to stop playing football where running can make the condition worse. He was given two options and it was to live for the rest of his life without playing football or to do surgery and to play football, but there was a risk in doing surgery where sometimes if it fails, he will die. Ronaldo in his teenage took the brave decision of doing the surgery. And luckily he survived after it.

Later he was the youngest player to sign a contract with the prestigious football league of Europe. And then he became the topmost football player. He possessed many football skills and so he got many fans and became one of the most favorite football players. In 2003, he joined the Manchester Football club and became really famous and an expensive player.

He set many records and was known as the fastest football player in football history. He won many trophies and awards for FIFA Ballon d’Or and European golden shoe while became the footballer of the year twice. And moreover has a net worth of around $500 million. He won the match and man of the match award in the game between Russia and Portugal, on the day of his father’s death.

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He has his awards and trophies in a museum of Madeira, and he is donating a huge sum of his money to charities and help the needy and is known as the most charitable sportsperson. 

So this is the story of Cristiano Ronaldo, and his life is a lesson for all of us that encourages us to achieve things without giving up by overcoming the struggles and barriers.

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