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Dwayne Johnson

More than asking how many of you know about Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, the actor, it would be better if I ask how many of you don’t know Rock. Because the number would be less. He is an American actor, retired wrestler, and a successful producer. Moreover, he is recognized as the world’s highest-paid actor. He is also recognized for his action movie roles.

Rock who is a global icon loved by millions of people around the world started a company called the seven bucks production which deals with different platforms and mediums, creating original releases for films, television, technologies, and digital network. This particular name “seven bucks” has a reason, and it is because he faced many hardships including poverty, failures, and depressions and this name is of the remembrance of the day when he was left with only seven bucks in his pocket, to start his life. And in this section of the biography, let’s see his inspiring story of how he formed from being a zero to a hero.

The story behind The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

Dwayne Johnson was born into a professional wrestler family on May 2nd, 1972 in Hayward California. He was the grandson of the professional wrestler called Peter and son of the wrestler Rocky Johnson, and so Dwayne grew in the family watching his dad perform in the wrestling. Although they were wrestlers they didn’t obtain much money in this field. Poverty was an issue in the family and so his parents got divorced and he was left to live with his mother.

As poverty was rising in their family, his mother searched for jobs and finally started cleaning toilets to save the family. During his stay in Hawaii, Johnson engaged in crimes like theft, fraud, and fighting at the age of 13 and when he was 17 years old, he was arrested 8 to 9 times for money.

Once when Dwayne and his mom came home, they found that their door was padlocked and there was a notice saying to leave the house as they have not paid the rent. They felt helpless and his mom started crying without knowing what to do and she went towards the oncoming vehicles with the intention of attempting suicide. But Dwayne was able to pull her off.

He was excellent and talented in sports so he decided to join Football with his teacher’s encouragement. In 1991 he was chosen for the Miami Hurricanes’ national championship team.

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He was so talented in Football and aim to be a footballer but sadly he was met with a severe accident and was injured badly. So he was not playing for any events and his place was replaced by Warren Sapp. He then joined a Canadian football league in 1995, but due to depression he was not able to play there, and so he was left jobless and broken.

WWF RAW 2001 10 15 The Rock at ringside

After he was cut from the football team he landed in Miami and called his dad to pick him up. He then pulled out his pocket to see how much he had and found that he had only seven bucks.

This was his worst time as he had no money and no job. But these seven bucks had a lot of meaning, which made him think of working and aiming towards success. He then chose to turn to his family tradition, wrestling. He went to his dad and convinced his dad to train him. He was not even able to afford real wrestling gear and so he borrowed some wrestling shorts and volleyball pads from his uncle.

At first, he was branded as the first 3rd generation wrestler in WWE because of his father and grandfather. He lost his first match and was criticized with the image of nepotism. But then his determination and passion made him work hard and he never gave up his dreams. He believed in himself and won 17 wrestling championships titles in his career.

His astonishing skills and charisma won millions of fans and product advertisements and then he got the chance to work in Hollywood.  He acted in some of the most successful films such as fast and furious 6 and Scorpion king and got many other movie credits earning special awards for his acting skills.

And now he became the most famous actor who is well paid and started his production company called the seven Bucks production. He donated his money to charities and youngsters who are suffering in life because he didn’t want them to go into illegal paths.

He is an inspiration for millions of people because of his never-giving-up attitude, determination, and hard work. Ignore all the negativity that stops you from achieving and believe in yourself to make you successful.

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