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Dan Bilzerian

One of the famous faces in the world is Dan Bilzerian. He is an Armenian-American actor and businessman. But this is not why he is popular but he is popular because he is an amateur poker player and an influencer of social media. He is a famous sensation for the internet on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and he is referred to as the king of Instagram or the Instagram playboy, due to his 30 million Instagram followers. His lavish and playboy lifestyle made him gain a huge following. How did Dan Bilzerian get rich even after facing financial issues? 

Was dan Bilzerian rich from his childhood?

He was born in 1980, on December 7th in Tampa Florida to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. His father Paul Bilzerian was a graduate of Harvard business school and owned a robotics company while making an impressive salary. Due to his busy schedules and business trips, Dan’s father missed the participation in birthday parties and sports events. And so Dan and his brother greatly suffered due to the absence of his father. 

But in the year 1988 when dan was 8 years old, his father was indebted for security and tax fraud and lost all his life earnings. He declared bankruptcy in the year 2001 with a claim of $15000 worth of assets and 140 million dollars worth of debt. 

Dan stopped doing his homework and started getting into fistfights with other students, and so he got dismissed from the school. He joined another school and everything was fine around him, but he started taking his machine gun to school, even though he had no intention of firing anyone. He was expelled from the school so that he had to study from home and was not allowed to come for graduation. 

How was Dan Bilzerian’s poker career?

He joined the military school at the US Navy Seal in 1999 and survived basic underwater demolition seal training. But due to fractures on his leg, he dropped out of the Navy seal. He was not in good health. After dropping from Navy seal, he joined the University of Florida to study business and criminology. 

During his college, he was broken as he had access to any assets that benefited him and was forced to sell his guns and later he turned to the poker table believed to be with the money obtained from the trust of his father. 

Dan Bilzerian

Dan use to play poker during his childhood with his brother adam Bilzerian, who is also a professional poker player. And so Dan plays poker professionally and started to earn from it. He is also a GGPoker ambassador and bets up to 8 digits which is millions on a single high-stakes poker game and won millions of money on those games. And he became the best player in the poker community. He also turned $750 to $187,000 on a single high cash stake game. 

Dan Bilzerian participated in the world series of poker main events in the year 2008, and finished in 188th place, and won over $ 36,000. He also competed with renowned poke players and won them. 

What made him so popular?

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In the year 2010, he was voted the world’s funniest poker player on Twitter by Bluff magazine and he is recognized as the king of Instagram as he has a huge number of followers.  He has built a reputation as one of the most famous faces of high stakes professional players and he loves fame. He is also famous for his playboy lifestyle and became a social media influencer. 

Dan Bilzerian competed in drag races and rode bikes. He bet bill Perkins to ride from las vegas to Los angles in less than 48 hours which actually had a distance of 300 miles. He managed to complete the ride in 33 hours with no medical assistance and won the bet. 

He participated in the las vegas motor speed war drag race and won by completing the race in 10.74 seconds at an average speed of 133 miles per hour and obtained an award of $385,000. 

He takes risks and so swam around a lake filled with alligators at midnight. He also acts in movies and has been featured in popular tv shows and movies with big roles and minute roles. And also he was featured in commercials regarding the poker game. 

What is his charity works?

Dan Bilzerian is trained by professional bike racer Lance Armstrong in exchange for $25,000, which goes to Armstrong’s charity for children and adults fighting cancer.  Bilzerian started a project named the robin hood project and donates huge amounts of money with up to $10,000 per person. The reason for granting this amount is because any amount given higher than that will be taxed by the US government and he wanted to avoid it. Once to raise money for medical research with the brain, Bilzerian hosted a poker tournament. 

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