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Presently, we have so many comedians to entertain us in movies, dramas, stage, and various other places. But Charlie Chaplin is the first comedian remembered in the history of acting. Whenever we remember him, we picture him with a tight coat, baggy trousers, a small hat, and bog shoes, and especially the funny mustache. Recognized as The tramp character, he became the king of comedians and a worldwide icon. He showed the way of struggling with humor and made us laugh.

There is nothing happier than making others laugh, and so Charlie Chaplin did his role in the best way. We only know him as a famous comedian, but there is an untold story filled with struggles to reach his success which is known only by a few. 

The early life of Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin early life

Charlie Chaplin by name Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16th April 1889, in London, England. His father was a British music-hall entertainer and his mother was a singer.

He had one brother. Charlie Chaplin’s early life was filled with poverty and loneliness.  His father was an alcoholic, and so at a point,  he left the family when Charlie was a child.  Charlie and his brother Sydney had to live with their mother in London. 

The mother looked after them, by doing stage shows and singing was the main source of their income. But suddenly, she lost her voice due to a nervous breakdown and couldn’t perform in any shows. 

The family faced so much poverty with worse conditions having no shelter to stay.  Because of the poverty,  Charlie even slept on the benches of the park and sometimes stole food from the street stalls. 

He chose to dance for money 

There was no other way to live, so Charlie and his brother chose to dance and perform on the streets to earn money.  Charlie’s mother became ill and she was admitted to the Cane hill mental Asylum. 

Charlie had no guardian to look after them, so he and his brother were sent to their father’s house. But there were so many problems as their father was more into alcohol and died within 2 years due to cirrhosis of the liver. 

When he was seven years old,  he and his brother were sent to boarding schools for orphans.  It was a work how is it provided place and work for those in need. But it was a depressing state.   Once they returned from the school to meet the mother, who was waiting for them in old clothes at the gate and they felt like a family again, spending time in the park but that was the last time they were together. They were sent to school for destitute children. 

The start of his journey in his career

His brother joined the Navy and his mother was admitted to the hospital until her death.  And he was spending his time in loneliness.  At the age of 13,  he left his education with the intention of choosing his career in the show business.  He became a member of the children’s dancing group along with many jobs to survive. 

He began his performance at an early age.  He joined the eight Lancashire lads clog-Dancing group. He was popular by his act among his audiences but still, he was not satisfied with dancing but wanted to form a comedy act. At the age of 14, he registered with a theatrical agency in London’s west end.

He performed as a newsboy in H.A.Sainsbury’s Jim but it was not successful. Then he got the chance of performing as a pageboy in a production of Sherlock Holmes. In 1908, he teamed up with Fred Karno and became one of its stars. He got an offer of a contract for $150 a week. 

The Debut film of Charlie Chaplin

In 1914, he made his film debut and in 1915, he joined the Essaney Company and made 14 films including The tramp. All that he did was, find survival through comedy. at that time he hired his brother to be his business manager and then rose to stardom. He hid behind the tears of a clown. He was a silent performer who didn’t use words much. He did legendary performances with the story behind them. 

Charlie Chaplin movies

at the age of 26, he was a superstar and moved over to a mutual company that paid him a whopping $670,000 a year. Charlie became a wealthy man and made his best works. He became a grueling perfectionist. His career blossomed well in the 1920s. He made some landmarking films such as the kid in 1921, a woman in Paris in 1923, the circus in 1928, and the Golden Rush in 1925.

He faced controversies 

Although he was a successful actor and comedian,  troubles never left him. he failed in 3 marriages and was left in loneliness. He also faced some controversies in the 1940s.  He was accused of Communist sympathies,  where some members of the press and public sound his involvement in a paternity suit and marriage to young women. 

FBI investigations were made and Chaplin was forced to leave the United States.  But still, Chaplin didn’t deviate from his goals. He visited the US one last time, to receive his honorary academy awards. He won the Oscar award. 

Charlie Chaplin

His death

On December 25th, 1977 he dies at his home in the early morning hours. after burying his body, Chaplin’s body was stolen from his grave by two men who demanded $400,000 to return it. But then they were arrested and Chaplin’s body was recovered 11 weeks later. He faced several challenges from an early age and his journey from a poor to a world-famous comedian inspired us to achieve success in our life. 

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