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Whom do you remember when you hear the quote of ‘I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times’?

If you are a fan of boxing, karate, or Kungfu, then obviously you will find out to be Bruce lee’s quotes of life. He was a brilliant star and talented human being who was brave and courageous, he has an inspiring story that will motivate you to achieve what you want to reach.

Biography of Bruce Lee

Bruce Jun Fan Lee, who is also known as Lee Siu Loong was born on November 27th in 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco. He was born to Lee Hoi Chuen, an opera singer, and actor, and his wife Grace Ho and was the fourth child in his family, totally having five siblings. After Bruce lee was born, his family then moved to Hong Kong and he was raised there and became a child artist by appearing in many films.

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Apart from acting, Lee was engaged in street fights and so once he got beaten by a gang and that created the urge for him to learn martial arts. At the age of 18, he was introduced to Master Yip Man, and learned the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu. Bruce was a terrific dancer and he won the Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship in 1958, and he won an interschool boxing championship.  And then when he learned them, he was also involved in fights and the gangs got beaten by him.

After seeing Bruce lee’s notorious acts, his father decided to send him to California USA, and there he worked as a waiter in the restaurant and started training martial arts for the people there. He also practiced them each day. He became famous in the colleges because of his martial arts, and many were inspired to learn them. Therefore, in 1963, Lee started a martial arts institute in Chinatown, Los Angeles, and trained people and even Hollywood actors.

The Asian martial art masters did not like Bruce lee, for they thought that he is leaking the secrets of martial arts that belonged to China and started to threaten him by stopping his growth. But Bruce Lee was brave enough to handle those threats, he didn’t stop instead he developed new methods with his knowledge of Kung Fu, Karate, and boxing.

Bruce Lee got married and was blessed with a boy called Brandon lee, and later was blessed with a girl called Shannon lee. 

Bruce Lee was a legend of martial arts

Lee was so talented that his one-inch punch became really famous. Bruce’s punches were very powerful and faster and when he punches, his opponent will fall 5 to 6 meters away even if he punches from 3 feet away. The stunts he used and his performance challenged the limitations of humans. And it is difficult to notice his movements with bare eyes as it is really faster, and no one could ever beat Bruce lee. Bruce lee got opportunities in acting and he did movies and started training the actors.

When Bruce was lifting heavy weights, his spinal cord got damaged severely and the doctors said that he won’t be able to perform martial arts, but he proved them wrong and started practicing martial arts. He ran 5 kilometers, practiced with 2000 punches and 1000 kicks.

Bruce met a producer called Raymond Chow, and played the lead role in a Chinese movie called ‘The Big boss’, which became a blockbuster movie, and created a new box office record in Asia.  In the movie, Bruce’s fight movements were really faster that cannot be seen normally, so that they had to edit it to slow motion. And after some movies, he was proved to be a great action hero. Bruce Lee was recognized as multi-talented, where he was a choreographer, hero, fighter, producer, and director of the movie ‘way of the dragon’.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee got a severe headache and he was offered a prescription painkiller called Equagesic. After taking it, he went to sleep and was led to a coma, and died on July 20, 1973, at a young age. And when they found the cause of the death, the medication he took gave him a hypersensitive reaction and caused swelling of the fluid in his brain that resulted in coma and death. Thousands of people were at his funeral filling the roads of Hong Kong with grief.

Bruce was really famous even after his death. You can even remember him now just because of his skills. He practiced it and became great enough. He taught us to be self-reliant, by using our own skills, and became an inspiration for us to be brave, if we are right.

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