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Brad Pit story

Decades ago, Brad Pitt arrived in Hollywood and now he is one of the most recognizable people in the world as an American Actor. From a very young age, he displayed an interest in acting and dropped out of college to pursue a career in the showbiz world. 

In 1991, in Thelma and Louise, he was a hunky boy and played a minor role. This made many wonders who is Brad Pitt. For decades despite being in the entertainment industry, there are some things that many of you might not know about. 

In this article let us see brad Pitt’s story of how he achieved success in Hollywood. 

Brad Pitt early life

Brad Pitt, fully known as William Bradley Pitt, was born on December 18th, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and was raised in Springfield, Missouri in a working-class family. He was born in a strict baptist household to Bill Pitt, his father who was a trucking firm owner, and his mother Jane Pitt, a school counselor. He is the eldest in the family with a younger Brother Doug and a younger sister named Julie. 

Brad Pitt’s father was a very very tough person and so he and his siblings were ‘raised with all the Christian guilt about what you should and shouldn’t do”. His father who grew up poor ensured that his family was never in need and he was determined to make sure that Brad Pitt and his siblings didn’t want for things. 

His father made sure that he wanted to give them more opportunities than he had. Therefore despite some of the hardships Brad Pitt faced, he had a good childhood. He pursued his secondary education at Kickapoo High School. In school, he was more interested in co-curricular activities like swimming, acting, golf, tennis, and debates. 

His education and interest in a career

In 1982, he joined the University of Missouri, to study journalism, with a specialization in advertising, but quit two weeks before graduating at 22 years old. 

All of his friends were committing to jobs but Brad Pitt realized that he was not ready for that. He loved the film as a teaching tool. But films were not his career options when he grew up. But then after discovering his love for acting, he moved to Hollywood. 

Brad Pitt biography

He took acting classes in California and supported himself with a variety of odd jobs. He worked wearing a giant chicken suit for a local restaurant chain, movie refrigerators, working waiting tables, chauffeuring strippers, and private parties. 

He then got a chance in a TV movie named A Stoning in Flugham County in 1988. 

When he landed a small recurring role on Dallas, he got his first break to be a part of a teenage-slash movie named Cutting class in 1989. This marked his inauspicious entrance into the world of feature films. 

His movie 

In 1991 Brad Pitt’s significance began. It was the year he made his appearance in Thelma & Louise. He got his role as a cowboy in the movie with 14 minutes of screen time, which was a starting point for Pitt to play in his many other famous movies.

He became famous overnight and he, unfortunately, chose to channel his newfound celebrity into Ralph Bakshi’s disastrous animation/live-action combo Cool World (1992). 

The popularity of Brad Pitt rose rapidly. In 1994, he played alongside his senior, Tom Cruise in Interview With the Vampire, and the same year, he starred in another movie that was titled “Legends of the Fall”. He was named the “Sexiest Man”  by People Magazine in 1994. 

In 1995 Brad Pitt played in “Se7en” where Pitt and his co-star Morgan Freeman act as two detectives in charge of solving the crimes. 

He did another dark thriller, Sleepers in 1996, and with Harrison Ford, Alan J. Pakula’s Devil’s Own. He then headed to Argentina to film Seven Years in Tibet, which was an ambitious $70 million project that was met with mixed reviews. 

Pitt portrayed a version of death in his next movie, the three-hour Meet Joe Black, which also starred Anthony Hopkins. The movie received mixed reviews.

The fight club movie

fight club movie of Brad Pitt

In 1998, Brad Pitt acted in a movie called ‘Fight Club’. This movie initially flopped at the box office. Brad Pitt had an extremely toned and muscular body in the film, which has become just as famous and beloved as the movie’s most quotable lines.

Instead of bulk muscle, Brad Pitt shed a lot of fat to appear as muscular as he does. His workout included four consecutive days of resistance training, hitting while it was only one muscle group per session, followed by cardio.

Pitt’s physique in the flick, like his washboard abs, continues to be envied and it was copied at gyms around the world. His performance in the movie makes “Fight Club” a memorable movie. 

Other than that,  Brad Pitt is a perfectionist, where before the shooting of the movie ‘Fight Club’, started, he visited a dentist to get his front teeth broken, and to get into the skin of the character. Once the shooting of the film was completed, he had to get his teeth fixed.

Brad Pitt in other Hollywood movies

Brad Pitt portrayed a visionary mental patient in Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys and received a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination. 

He took a starring role in director Tom Di Cillo’s independent film Johnny Suede but the film failed to score with critics.  Brad Pitt did his new venture with Robert Redford’s lyrical fly-fishing drama A River Runs Through It in 2002. In addition to the physical appeal, this gave Brad Pitt a much-needed chance to prove that he had talent.

In the romantic comedy The Mexican, he starred with Julia Roberts, while teaming up with Redford in the thriller Spy Game and joined an A-list ensemble cast, including Roberts, George Clooney, and Matt Damon, in Steven Soderbergh’s remake of the Rat Pack heist caper Ocean’s Eleven. 

Then in 2004, Pitt starred as the Greek hero Achilles in the Warner Bros. blockbuster epic Troy. That same year the actor was featured in Ocean’s Twelve.

The Blockbuster hit movie by Brad Pitt

He enjoys producing more than acting 

Brad Pitt

Pitt has his own production company called Plan B Entertainment. It was founded in November 2001 by him and Jennifer Aniston. The company has produced several actors’ movies, including “The Departed,” “Moneyball,” “World War Z,” and “12 Years a Slave,”.

For his work as a producer, Brad Pitt earned his fifth Academy Award nomination, and he received his second nod in the best picture category.

He won the award in 2014, marking his first Oscar win, and shared it with McQueen, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Anthony Katagas.

His personal life

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

His profession has always headlined the news, and so was his love life. He dated and was in a relationship with actress Gwyneth Paltrow to whom he was engaged. They met while shooting the movie “Seven”. 

It was love at first sight and so stayed together for more than two years.  They were photographed numerous times looking similar wearing almost identical blonde and short haircuts. But the couple broke off their engagement. 

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

At the time of filming “Fight Club,” Brad Pitt began dating Jennifer Aniston, who starred in “Friends” at the time. 

Aniston revealed the two had met through their managers back in 1994 in an interview with Rolling Stone. After two years of dating, the couple married on July 29, 2000, in Malibu, California and their profile skyrocketed as a result. Pitt also dressed similarly to Aniston, were most notably, their hair looked almost identical at two of their showings at the Emmys. 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Between 2000 and 2005, Brad Pitt was on the top tier of blockbuster movies, including the “Ocean’s 11” franchise and “Troy.” In 2005, in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” he starred opposite  Angelina Jolie. The movie was a global success, and it turned out to be a pivotal experience for both Pitt and Jolie.

After the movie wrapped, Pitt separated from Jennifer Aniston and started dating Angelina Jolie. 

In May 2006, the couple celebrated the birth of their first biological child, daughter Shiloh. Two years later, Jolie gave birth to their twins, Knox and Vivienne, in addition to parenting their adopted children Maddox, Pax, and Zahara.

The couple became engaged in 2012 and tied the knot in a private ceremony on August 23, 2014, in France. 

But in September 2016, Jolie filed for divorce and requested sole physical custody of their six children. In June 2018,  Angelina Jolie reported being in danger of losing custody due to her insistence on keeping the children from seeing their father. She filed court documents in August claiming that he did not pay any meaningful child support since the separation. 

The legal team of Brad Pitt followed with their filing in which they supported that the actor had paid more than $1.3 million in bills for the family and helped his wife buy her current home through an $8 million loan.

His contribution to the community

Brad Pitt founded a non-profit foundation named “Make It Right Foundation” in 2007.  It was established to support the environmentally friendly rebuilding of houses in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina. They built structures in Newark, New Jersey, and Kansas City, Missouri.

In 2008, the foundation built more than 100 “green” houses and allegedly promised to return to make necessary fixes. 

He spends a great deal of his fortune on giving back like delivering groceries in person to low-income households to his involvement in charities including Make-A-Wish, Human Rights Watch, and Unicef. 

When it comes to donations, Pitt doesn’t hold back instead he sends millions to those in need. 

Final thoughts

Today, Brad Pitt net worth is $300 million and even now he is with his charms. He is a talented actor and loved to produce movies. He won many awards due to his dedication and performance in each movie. This gave him the identity of becoming one of the best actors in Hollywood. 

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