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Bear Grylls

Instead of asking ‘how many of you know Bear Grylls’, it would be perfect to ask ‘how many of you do not know Bear Grylls’, because the number would be less.  He is one of the popular faces in the world and is recognized for being adventurous and a survival expert.  He experiences danger and keeps us entertained. When we lose hope in our life, we quit our dreams to achieve, and it is common but Bear Grylls proved him different by not giving up, even after he was made to lose hope. He is a wonder who survived by beating death and is now an inspiration for many of us. 

Who is Bear Grylls?

He is a Northern Irish adventure, a writer, and a television presenter. He is a well-known man of the series “Man Vs Wild” aired on the Discovery Channel. He overcomes the worst challenges with his bravery and he has a huge fanbase and is involved in many television series in the US and UK. 

Bear Grylls, was named Edward Michael Grylls and was born on June 7th, 1974. As he loves animals, he was called Bear by his sister and later Bear Grylls became his name. Since he was a kid, he loved climbing cliffs with his dad. He was shown photos of Mount Everest by his dad telling that they need to be strong and in good health to climb the mountain. He grew with an interest in exploring and experiencing adventures. 

Grylls was not a bold person and he was not confident. He was not that good at school and was an average student. He and his friends were bullied by boys who had stronger physic than him. And his days were terrifying and felt weak. So to defend himself, he learned karate. He use to sleep on the floors every night with his friends in the small wooden Japanese huts and got trained and he learned to fight. And so his confidence grew, got his black belt and he got rid of bullying. 

His interest in climbing Mount Everest

As he dreamt of climbing Mount Everest, he wanted to get trained for it. He traveled to India and wanted to join the Indian Army as he experienced a great adventure during his visit. He spent some quality time with the army and learned the skills of mountaineering. He was highly influenced by their lives. But as he didn’t have Indian Citizenship, he was not able to join them. 

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He joined the British army and served the air services (SAS) for 3 years. He became a survival specialist. His first six months were spent on mountains and had training of passing through 3 feet tunnel, crawling in the muddy and water. Sometimes he had to stay in hot climates, experiencing sweats and mosquito bites. He also faces super cold weather and fast winds with his colleagues. He believed in self-motivation and resilience to be calm and smile. He said that to be in SAS, one has to have the mentality of improvising, adapt and overcoming. 

The dark period of Bear Grylls

He was so strong in his training but at one point it all went wrong costing his life. When he had his training sessions in Africa, he was trained to skydive. He had to jump from 16,000 feet height in Zambia. He jumped with his parachute but it refused to open and he fell down on the ground, thinking that life is not going to be the same again. He broke his back, fractured in three different places, with severe damage. It was unbelievable how he survived. The doctors said that he can’t walk again and had to spend the rest of his life in bed. He spent 18 months in military rehab with pain. 

This was the darkest period in his life, he lost all hopes and had no option but to quit his career, dreams, and achievements. But he did not quit, instead, he thought of achieving it. He could have quit, giving excuses but not he didn’t because he is Bear Grylls. 

“Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever”. By Bear Grylls. 

How did he achieve his success? 

Bear Grylls 2014

He was in the hospital and when he got discharged, he started his training. He aimed to climb Mount Everest, which was his childhood dream. He prepared him for 4 months by doing a lot of swimming, climbing mountains 3 times a week, and spending 8 to 9 hours of daily training. 

He prepared his body and climbed the peaks of the Himalayas to get used to the heights. After months of his accident, he was ready to begin his battle at the age of 23. It was not easy to climb, he was about to die several times,  but he overcame and achieved his mission and became one of the youngest Britons to climb Mount Everest. This was a life-changing moment, making him famous and he was contacted by the discovery channel to play the role in man vs wild which gave him fame. He became a celebrity and a tv star and opened many channels.

Even after facing his dark life, he came out beating them to become successful. So if he can, then you too can do it. Do not lose hope and do not give excuses, just try and achieve. 

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