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Arnold Schwarzenegger

You would have surely heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger if you are a fan of action movies.  He is known for his achievement of being a world champion bodybuilder, Hollywood hero, successful businessman, best-selling author, and the governor of the state of California.   Although he is a successful man who gained fame and popularity,  he started all this from practically nothing.  He live a life facing problems and obstacles in every step and overcame them to become the greatest action star of all time. 

You can see his life as a truly successful story that would surely inspire you.  Let us see the life of Arnold and the lessons it has to teach us to motivate in life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life of poverty

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born in the year 1947 July 30, in Austria. He was raised in a country that was suffering a brutal defeat in the world war. The society was harsh and strict and after the war, Alcoholism became widespread, and there was little food and poverty throughout the country. Arnold’s father was harsh towards Arnold because he was suspicious that Arnold was not his biological son. He treated him abusively beating with belts and pulling off the hair while he favored Arnold’s older brother. 

Started his passion of bodybuilding 

Arnold Schwarzenegger inspiring story

Getting influenced by his father, Arnold got into sports from a very young age. He got engaged in weightlifting and bodybuilding and made it his passion. Arnold went too much into it where if he misses his workout he felt sick. 

At that time, Bodybuilding was not that popular and it was not a well-known sport. His mother started worrying about him and she called the doctor for help thinking that something is wrong with her son. 

At the age of 18, he served as a tank driver in his compulsory Austrian army’s one-year service. At that time he went to participate in the Junior Mr. Europe competition and won. As a result, he was punished for insubordination and was put in military prison. After years, he bought the same tank he drove in his service. 

Arnold biography

After serving in the Austrian Army he travel to London in 1966 to compete in the Mr. Universe competition.  But he couldn’t make it to the first place.  One of the judges  Bennett in the competition offered to coach Arnold after he lost.  He let him stay at his family home and fulfilled all the needs of Arnold.  Through his coach, he met his Idol Reg Park who won the Mr. Universe competition three times.  He became his mentor and made Arnold improve in England. 

Finally, he managed to win the Miss Universe competition in 1967 when he was just 20 years old. He became the youngest person ever to win.  This became a ticket to America where he could get the opportunity to become a star.

The tragedy in life

While ranking in Mr. Olympia and Mr universe there was a  tragedy that happened.  Arnold’s older brother died in a traffic accident.  Although he had a good relationship with his brother he wasn’t able to attend the funeral with the fear of having to face his father. But after a year and a half later, his father died.  

Hollywood star

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s main goal was to become a big-time Hollywood movie star.  Before turning 30 he made a name in Hollywood after being awarded a Golden Globe award for the new male star of the Year.  He got increasing fame in his debut movie named the pumping iron and after his role in Conan the Barbarian he was praised by the film critics. 

The Terminator


He acted in the movie Terminator which rightfully solidified his place as an action hero. His roles reflected a good sense of humor he became the audience’s favorite.  It became impossible to imagine The Terminator without Arnold playing the title character.  He was a perfect choice for the role.  He initially hesitated to take part but it was the movie that launched his action-related career. 

Personal life

In 1986 he married Maria Shriver of the Kennedy family.  They lived in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles in California with their four children.  But in 2011 the couple separated and it was discovered that it was because Arnold had another child with the family maid.  He regretted the incident and said that his mistakes would serve as a warning because this led his family to pain and split up the whole family. 

The successful man

Decades of becoming successful in front of the silver screen,  he turned his sight into politics.  He ran for governor of California and succeeded in winning.  He became the 38th governor of the state of California. Since his final days in politics, he published many books involving philanthropic causes.  He was a busy man who was going on with various projects in the movie and fitness industry. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a successful man who overcame his struggles and learned from his mistakes.  His desires made him a better life and we believed him to achieve his success.

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