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Every woman dream of having beautiful and glowing skin, and to get them, they would follow so many skincare routines and follow practices that give results both externally and internally. What can you do to make it more effective? Try something new that gives you awesome results, to obtain beautiful and glowing skin. Instead of spending time for temporary glowing of skin, give some time for natural and internal glowing of the skin. 

We do Yoga to stay healthy and have a flexible body. But do you know that Yoga helps in giving you a good-looking face and healthy skin?  It gives you more benefits than any other commercial product. Get your results easily at home without spending any money. 

Yoga poses for glowing skin

Prevent your skin from pollutants and toxins and obtain clear and glowing skin by doing these yoga poses, which is an easy way to maintain your skin for the long term. 

Meditating pose

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It is a fire breathing technique and it is the most traditional way is breathing, as it boosts the life force and gives you glowing skin. This also increases the oxygen level and results in glowing and beautiful skin. 

Digestion problems, gas, and constipation issues affect the skin and the main thing is that if your stomach is clean then your face too will be clean. So when you do this breathing exercise, your digestion will improve. It also boosts the metabolism and triggers the internal organs resulting in clear skin. 

Sit down in a meditating pose and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and gently breathe out. The inhaling and exhaling should take the same length of time. Inhale by assuming that you take positive energy and exhale by assuming that you release the toxins out. Repeat this with 20 rounds. 

Bow pose 

This is an effective pose for glowing skin by putting intense pressure on the abdominal region. It also relieves stress and you can lose extra weight. This improves digestion and helps in blood circulation that is good for glowing skin. 

Dhanurasana Yoga Asana Nina Mel

Lie on your stomach with feet apart and keep your arms by the side of your body. Fold your knees and take your hands backward and hold your ankles. Breathe in and lift your chest off the ground, pulling your legs up and towards the back. Look straight ahead. Keep the pose stable and pay attention to your breathing. After 15 to 20 seconds, exhale while bringing your legs and chest to the ground. 

Cobra pose

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One of the best yoga for glowing skin is the cobra pose which opens up the chest, reducing the tension and pressure. A proper amount of oxygen is provided to your organs through this posture and it helps in increasing the lifespan. Your skin gets renewed through the supply of extra oxygen to skin cells and helps the body to flush out the toxins that are accumulated. 

Lie down on your stomach and slowly stretch with the help of arms, lifting the upper body, and the head lifted towards the ceiling. The palms should face the ground. It is a relaxing pose that helps in reducing tension. 

Fish pose 

Fish pose is one of the great postures to beat fatigue. Even anxiety and menstrual pains too can be prevented by this pose. This helps in giving a natural glow and healthy skin due to the positive impact it has on the thyroid as well as the pituitary gland. Your hormone levels will get normalized while it helps in getting rid of the double chin. 

Matsyasana Yoga Asana Nina Mel

Lie on the floor, bend your knees and your feet should be flat on the floor. Then straighten your legs placing your arms on either side. Raise your hips, one at a time, and place the hands under each hip. Push your upper body off the floor and exhale. Tilt your head backward and raise your chest. Hold this for 5 counts and inhale while resting back on the floor. 

Shoulder stand pose 

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This pose might seem to be difficult but the most effective yoga pose is considered to be the shoulder stand pose as it helps in improving the texture of the skin and promotes blood circulation towards the face. Your face dullness gets reduced while protecting the skin from acne and pimples. This pose helps in fighting wrinkles and gives glowing skin for a long time. Try doing this pose 3 to 5 times a day to obtain effective results. 

Lie on the back and rest your head on the mat. Stretch your legs and reach your feet towards the ceiling one at a time. Breathe here for at least 3 deep breaths. Then slowly soften the knees toward the forehead, coming back to plow and slowly lower it to the mat. 

Camel pose

If you want to improve your radiant skin, then this is an amazing yoga pose. This does its job, by improving blood circulation while eliminating the toxins from the body that helps in bringing a natural radiance to the face. If you are suffering from issues like bloating and constipation, then this pose suits you.

Ustrasana Yoga Asana Nina Mel

Take a yoga mat and kneel down on it by placing your hands on your hips. Make sure to have your knees and shoulder in one line pointing towards the ceiling. Lift your chest upwards and bend your body to touch your heels. Breathe deeply and hold this pose for a few seconds and continue doing it 3 to 4 times. 

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