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Makeup is something that enhances your appearance, giving you confidence and sociable characteristics. But not every makeup will suit everyone. The highlighter that makes your friend look gorgeous will not suit you. Why? It is because everyone has different face shapes and makeups should be applied to suit the shape of the face. This requires a few expert tricks that can make you look even better.


What is your face shape? Is it oval shape face, square, heart, or round face? So considering them, let’s see what makeup you can wear to suit best for your face. 

Makeup tips for your face type 

Oval shape face

If the width of your forehead is smaller than the width of your cheekbones, then you have an oval-shaped face, and this face is considered to be the most balanced. And so half the battle is won naturally if you are blessed with this shape. So you need makeup just to enhance some notice in your face. 

makeup for face type

To start off with foundation, concentrate on applying a simple foundation and make sure that it is one that is closest to your skin tone, but if you need your face to appear a bit short and thin, then you can apply a darker shade than your natural skin color. 

Try to focus on one feature because the faces are proportional from the jawline to the forehead. So low down your eye makeup, if you are going to use flashy lipsticks. But if you are going to leave your lips, then enhance your eye makeup by highlighting the eyes. 

There is no need for contouring, so a little bit is enough around your cheeks to have a huge difference in your looks. To make your overall look, focus on your cheeks by using a bit of blush. Finally, use your highlighter in the center of the forehead and chin to make them prominent. Use it in your temples and downward beneath the eyes. 

Round shape face

If your forehead and the jawline are rounded and in the same width, where the width and length are similar then your face seems to be the rounded type. And this face type helps you to look youthful while having natural and soft features that look feminine. The bone structure can be enhanced while handling the softness with little makeup. 

For a round face, you can go a bit dramatic to add definition to the face. Because to enhance the features of your face, your eyes are first to be focused. Try darker shades on the eyes and fill and shape your eyebrows, while highlighting the brows, so that your face will look longer.  

round shape face

Bronzer is the important part for this face type where bronzer and contour will make your face look thinner, by applying them on the hollow of cheeks and along the jawline with a powder brush to define them. You should contour in the cheekbones you feel by applying shades sharper, and hollows of the face too should be contoured with dark shades of foundation or concealer. 

You can use blush to add color with warmer shades and a matte finish. Applying it under the cheekbones to make your face look more elongated. 

Square shape face

square shape face

If you have an angular jaw and prominent chin where your cheekbones have the same width as the forehead and jaw then you have a square shape face. You have a little trouble in applying makeup and so you can use some techniques to fill them. 

You need to apply contour to have a soft look. Use a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin color and contour the edges of the forehead so the shape will minimize and the sides will get softened. Focus on applying it to your hairline, and temples. 

Apply the highlighter which is a lighter shade than the skin tone in the middle of the forehead and then under the tip of your chin blending towards the ears and upward towards the mouth. Then use a blush in the hollow of the cheeks and make sure not to blush high and blend it so that you don’t see any sharp lines. 

Pink and soft nude lip colors with lip liners will help in drawing attention due to your lower prominent face. And you should focus more on lashes with light-colored eye shadows with thick and lengthy mascara.

Oblong/ rectangle shape face

They are long and less wide with forehead, jaws, and cheeks in the same width along with chin of slight curve and strong and squared jawline. To create a balance for this type of face, the makeup products should be made to de-emphasize the height while enhancing the width of the structure of the bone. 

oblong shape face

Contour can be used to make the face equally proportioned. And so start with a foundation. Use a powder or a matte bronzer along the hairline at the top of the forehead while blending downwards. And also apply it to the bottom of the chin to make it appear short. Focus on the cheekbones for a broader face and apply bronzer under the cheekbones in the hollow and blend up towards the hairline. Apply a highlighter to the highest points of cheeks and avoid it doing in your chin and forehead as it will add more height. 

Try to have long and flat brows to add more width to the face while applying eyeliner with bright color shadows for more beauty. Try to keep the lips with a subtle shade of pink and avoid bright colors and lip linear.  

That doesn’t matter what shape of face you have, every shape is beautiful and unique and makeup helps you to enhance your natural features and give you an extra look. Try to be more confident and feel gorgeous about yourself. 

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