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Welcome to Lovely Wednesday. Every part of our body is important to us, and so every part should be cared for and maintained to be hygiene and for a pleasant look. In today’s beauty care section let’s look at the nails. It is one of the significant parts and should be cared for. Nails protect the tips of the fingers and toes which are sensitive and helps us to do activities like picking up a product and scratching. It also says about the overall health. It is better to care for healthy nails because they deserve the attention, moreover, your nails define how hygienic and clean you are.

It is worth keeping the nails in a better way through maintenance of routine or by self-care and to do this more than the money you need to allocate some time. There is no need for an expensive tool to maintain them instead simple habits in the lifestyle will help you in having a good and healthy nail. To have healthy and elegant nails try and follow the below tips.

Tips to maintain healthy nails

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Make sure to moisture the nails

When nails get dried and have lacked moisture, they will start to break. Therefore moisturizing is important to avoid those breakages and maintain the cuticles while protecting the nails. therefore always remember to moisture the nails. This can be done by applying oil will moisturize the nail especially when it is applied around the cuticle. Other than that hand lotions and hand creams will help in keeping the nails moisture and prevents cracking and breaking.

Maintain your cuticles

Cuticles act as a barrier for the bacteria and fungus, therefore, it is better to leave the cuticles alone because when the cuticles are breached they can be harmful, which can cause the infection and permanent nail damages. Therefore it is a must to take care of the cuticles without cutting, pushing them back, and grooming.  

Treat the nails well

Mostly our nails get dirty and it goes underneath the nails. The mistake we do is getting out the dirt by digging them using point tools which might result in removing the nail plate and causes infections. Don’t use your nails to scratch things, to open a can, and peeling things that will be really bad and these habits will not allow forming of healthy nails.

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Avoid hot and contact with excess water

Hot water can clear out the moisture in the skin and makes it dry, therefore using of lukewarm water is better to avoid those drying issues. Nails has the ability of absorbing of water more than the skin therefore most importantly be concern in avoiding too much contact with water for longer period of time which will lead in weakening the nails. Therefore when using water using cotton lined gloves can be recommended.

Avoid harsh chemicals and ingredients

Exposure to harsh chemicals and ingredients might cause brittles and dryness in the nails. And this leads to nail infections and breakages. This mostly happens when you are a regular user of professional manicures. Make sure to limit them or to do your own manicures at home.

Do not peel of the nails.

Remember to not peel off the nails to remove the gel. This will cause the nails to be weakening so make sure to wipe them using cotton.

Try the above to maintain and obtain healthy nails.

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