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What do you think about snail mucin for skincare?

The largest human organ in the body is the skin. Having clear and healthy skin is one of a goal for many, especially for women. We use many products, and remedies to get glowing and healthy skin. But how much do you know about snail slime that benefits the skin? Snail has become a part of skincare, where cosmetics companies have started to invest in producing snail products due to its tremendous benefits. 

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In the ancient period, snails were used by Greeks for their skincare, and it is reported that the farmers who handle snails, notice that their hands become soft and so nowadays there are a variety of products and global brands that produce snail products in the form of creams, serums, and masks made from the snail mucus. And so these slimy creatures are becoming their favorite products and have gained more attention due to their ability to make the skin hydrated and look more youthful.

What is special in snail mucin?

Mucin is a thick fluid that is formed by snails and it looks slimy. It is also called snail slime and the product that contains them will be labeled as snail secretion filtrate. This treatment popped up in Korean beauty products which later expanded globally. This is also used in France for anti-aging, and the farming of snails has increased by 325 percent due to the cosmetic demands. The nutrient-packed mucin is the main reason that has risen the snail slime in the cosmetic industry. 

Benefits of snail mucin for skincare

The snail slime contains properties such as glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid that produce a long-lasting benefit. Hyaluronic acid has moisturizing properties while glycolic acid has stimulated collagen production. Apart from them, it contains antimicrobial and copper peptides along with proteoglycans. Below let’s see in detail how the benefit for the skin.

Hydrates skin

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The snail secretes the mucus which contains more than 90% water, and when you use snails for the skin, it helps in hydrating the skin. It’s more beneficial for all types of skin, especially for dry skin as it repairs the barrier function and locks the irritants from the environment. 

Gives and healthy skin

The powerhouse of nutrients is the secretion of snails. As they provide the skin with components that are natural. If you really seek to have complete natural prevention of skin issues, the snail slime suits you best. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and manganese. Because of its soft nature, the skin gets softened after using snails. The snail products help in brightening the skin and preventing the formation of free radicals while repairing the damaged tissues. 

Prevents from aging 

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The mucin is in the form of elastin, which helps in stretching and bouncing your skin, and collagen, which acts as a protein that keeps together the body tissues, giving strength to the skin. It contains antioxidants that protect from environmental issues like UV rays. Your skin gets wrinkles and lines giving you an aged look, because of the decrease of the collagen production by cells, but when you use snail slime, it helps in boosting the production and helps in maintaining the structure to look young. 

Treatment for acne 

Snail slime is one of the best treatment for acne breakouts, because of its antimicrobial properties, which helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria. The breakouts are prevented by the glycolic acid by exfoliating the skin while removing the dead skin cells and unclogging the pores.   

Helps in healing wounds and scars.

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Snails help in regenerating the skin that is affected by the scars. It diminishes and disappears the scars and wounds in the skin by forming new tissues in the skin. A Spanish oncologist found that the snails produce a different type of secretion that helps in healing the wounds. When the secretion is applied, the radiation burns and wounds get healed, and over 15 years the snail mucin was used to treat radiation dermatitis. All types of burns, slow healing wounds, ulcers, skin cancer through UV radiation can be cured. 

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