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We all wish to have a clear and glowing complexion. We follow some practices and tips to get obtain it. We get tons of advice to keep our skin healthier and nicer but how much of that advice actually works and is true? The tips and advice might be completely wrong and sometimes some skincare tips can cause harm. So always make sure to know the accurate fact to maintain your skin. Below are some myths that are believed from old times and even now. Read them to know the real fact.

Skincare myths and facts

Shaving your hair makes it grow back thicker and faster

skincare myths and facts

The hair we have in the face, hands, legs, and armpits is actually fine and has a blunt tip. But they say that when you shave your hair, it might grow faster and will look darker and thicker. Instead, they say to use other methods of removing hair. This is a complete myth that was believed in the past and even this is a piece of advice given even in the present for skincare.

The actual truth is that when you shave the hair and the regrowth of hair seems dark and thicker not because of its shaving process but because it might not have been yet exposed to elements like sun, soap, and other chemicals that can cause the lighter hair. Even color contrasts play a role where people who have lighter skins would expose dark hairs.

It is better to pop up the pimple to prevent black spots.

Popping pimple

Pimple gives an awkward feeling and it is really uncomfortable and painful for many. Even after the pimple is gone it forms black spots. To prevent this, people pop up their pimples and take them off. Even if it is partially true, doing it might give you worsen effects.

The truth is that when you do it, it goes deep and deep and causes inflammation. This leads to scars and spreads under the skin. And this is why you get it back soon after the first one is gone. The pimples contain oil and bacteria and when you pop them, it might also lead to infections and so the pimple might be more noticeable. The natural healing might delay because of the popping and squeezing process and so stop doing it in your skincare and let it heal naturally.

Scrubbing your face with sugar will keep your skin healthy.

Large crystals of sugar consist in a sugar scrub and when you scrub your skin using sugar, it will help you to remove dead cells in the skin. And some will advise you to do it daily to get glowing skin and complexion.

Although it is true, a regular sugar scrub might lead to the removal of protective oils and barriers and leads to redness, irritation, and dryness. The nature of sugar scrubs is harsh and so it can lead to damage. The sugar scrubs in stores as well as the homemade sugar scrubs are similar in bringing the side effects to the skin. So instead of using sugar scrubs, you can use gentle cleansers with moisturizers and sunscreen. If you really want to use a sugar scrub, use it very rarely.

Tanning is good

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The typical myth people believe is, the people who are tan in color are healthier and have glowing and healthy skin than the people pale in color. And so they try being tan to be healthier.

The skin produces tan color because of the melanin pigment production that protects the skin from harmful UV rays and acts as a natural sunscreen. But it is not true that purposely becoming tan can be good for you. Instead of exposing to the sun for excessive time can cause skin cancer and sunburns that will lead to wrinkles and age prematurely. It is better if you use sunscreen and avoid peak sun exposure and this will be a better skincare tip.

Natural ingredients in products are good for skincare.

Most of us have trust in natural ingredients to provide us with good healthier skin, so there are products that claim to have natural ingredients and we would buy them.

There is a difference between products that certify it as organic and natural. When the products label it as natural, it doesn’t mean that they are organic. Natural products may contain natural ingredients along with some pesticides and chemicals. To certify a product to be organic, the suppliers go through processes and monitors it for many years to ensure that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. So be wise to select the right product and the right skincare.

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