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Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is important to care for the body. Although the body is not much exposed to sun and pollution, it still causes sagginess, dullness, and discoloration. Excess dirt can build up on the surface and it can cause blockages trapping the sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells.  

If you take care of your skin and follow a few tips in lifestyle in your skincare, you can get healthy and glowing skin. But if you have already stuck to skincare and still do not get any results, it is because you are doing some common mistakes. 

See the most common skincare errors and get tips on how to avoid them. 

Common skincare mistakes to avoid

Cleanse your body too much

skincare mistakes

We use a number of products in our body, like perfumes, dyes, and soaps. These products can dry out the skin especially for people who are with sensitive skin. This can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. To avoid them, you need to cleanse your body. 

But cleansing it too much will strip all the good moisture and this will irritate the skin and pushes it to produce more oil.

Instead, choose a gentle cleanser and wash your body twice a day. Use a clean towel to dry it. Make sure that your skin is clean and nourished. 

Over exfoliating

It is important to exfoliate in any skincare routine to get rid of the dead skin cells.  Some people take it too far.  They do exfoliate too much making harm to the skin.  If you are using a scrub you should only do it a maximum of three times per week. Do not try to scrub your skin raw cause it will damage your skin. 

More than scrubs it is better to use chemical exfoliation that is gentle to avoid roughness. 

Skipping sunscreen

Most people don’t give much attention to sunscreen.  They skip out the sunscreen after finishing the rest of their routine. They go out without applying it or applying it rarely.  But the truth is you need to apply sunscreen every day even though it is cloudy, rainy, or snowy.  Because exposure to the sun will cause skin damage and leads to skin cancer. 

Use a daily moisturizer sunscreen and make sure that it is at least SPF 30. 

You are not removing eye makeup

Whenever you want to remove makeup, you put makeup remover on a cotton pad and rub everything off, or else you wash your face using a cleanser. And in that case, will get only pay less attention. But eye makeup is typically hard to remove and requires more gentle attention. 

eye makeup

Use something soft to remove the makeup to avoid rubbing it harshly. Find something which is soft and small to remove the eye makeup. 

Scrubbing your body

During showering, people will scrub very aggressively using things that can make the skin rough and remove the skin’s natural protective barrier. 

Use a cotton baby washcloth to gently glide it over the skin with minimum rubbing. Even using hand is good enough and clean regularly to avoid the buildup the bacteria. 

Not changing pillowcase


A pillowcase is a part of your skincare routine and most people make the mistake of not changing the pillowcase often. This can damage the skin. You need to change your pillowcase every few days or else daily.

It is better if you prefer to use a silk pillowcase that leaves your skin softer and helps with anti-aging. 

Scrubbing the scalp with fingernails

Scrubbing your scalp can feel refreshing, but it is really bad if you use fingernails to wash your hair. Scrubbing the scalp using fingernails can cause flaking. 

To properly wash your hair, use your fingertips to work up a lather. It is important to avoid aggressive rubbing strands of hair between your hands that damage it and cause split ends. 

Applying products in the wrong order

Some people use a few skincare products while some use a lot of products. When you have a lot,   there is a chance that you apply them in the wrong order.  When you do this product can become ineffective or least effective and there is no use in spending a lot on your products. 


The actual order of using the product should start from the lightest.  You can use light products like toner and serum,  and then eye cream,  moisturizer, and oil on top. 

Not washing your face before bed

Most of us would skip washing our face when we are really tired and we would straight away go and fall into bed. But this simple act can make your skin damage especially if you wear makeup. This will affect your complexion. 

On the other hand, some use makeup remover wipes to wash your face every day. But it should only be used in a pinch but you should not use it as a regular washing way. 

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