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Many like the way how their skin looks. And there are people who like to have their skin look tan in color. And to get that skin tone, they use to expose in the sun and this has a variety of risks. Some people have outdoor sunbathing, but even though you wear sunscreen it has risks. So how to do a safe sun tanning? 

How to do a Safe Sun Tanning?

As long as you only tan your skin, without getting any sunburn, it is totally fine. Your skin can sustain sun damage long before that burn makes an appearance. Although we love to get that sun-kissed glow, it is important to remember that tan is actually a sign of skin damage and the extra melanin production is the body’s natural reaction to protect from sun exposure. 

Is it safe to do sun tanning faster? 

There are so many suggestions and myths you can find about tanning. So before moving into the process of tanning, you need to consider the real facts. There are many risks involved. Some believe that getting exposed to the sun for a short time without sunscreen can be safe. But no, even if you are going to stay for a short time, you are doing damage to your skin and it is risky. 

Is it safe to do sun tanning faster? 

The damage that occurs in the skin cell increases the risk of skin cancer and makes the skin wrinkle and sag. Skin changes associated with aging are caused by the sun’s UV rays.  

When it comes to how dark the skin will get in the sun, each person is unique. Some will burn almost immediately and some people will rarely burn, because of melanin, the pigment that helps to tan. This is created naturally by the body to protect the deep layers of skin from damage. People with light skin have less melanin and may burn or turn red in the sun, while dark skin people have more melanin and will get darker as they tan.

Fast and safe sun tanning methods. 

Fast and safe sun tanning methods. 

Who should not tan? 

There are some people who can be more susceptible to skin damage from the sun. 

who should not tan?

Young skin is more sensitive to sun damage and when you get exposure to the sun during childhood or adolescence, it will be more likely to cause skin cancer in later life. 

People with light skin are more prone to burning. If you have a natural tan, this can provide you with sunburn protection but it is not safe enough. 

People who have undergone cosmetic treatment such as skin peel or laser hair removal, use skincare products that contain chemical exfoliants, acne medications, and people who take other medicines that cause photosensitivity should avoid sun tanning. 

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