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Rice water for skin and hair? Anything that cares for our skin safely and makes our skin glowing is worth trying. We cook rice, and the water that is leftover after cooking rice is thrown away. But do you know that the leftover water provides a variety of benefits for our skin and hair? 

Most of the Japanese have a clear complexion and reduce dark spots in the skin, and in a village called Huang Luo in China, the women have long hair of 6 feet with their natural hair color that stays for a longer period and their hair doesn’t grey until they reach their age of 80s. Can you believe, if it is said that the reason behind the clear complexions and longer hair is rice water?

The Rice water method has been used for many generations and it is one of the most famous skincare and haircare methods followed traditionally in Japan from over 1000 years ago. And so Rice water takes the credit of being one of the effective beauty care routines behind the beauty of Japanese. 

Benefits of rice water for hair and skin

It contains many nutrients of 75 to 80 percent of starch, vitamin B, Vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, manganese, and zinc. 

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It helps in brightening the skin and fades the dark spots while providing a smooth texture and clear complexion. People who apply rice water for skin, experience a delay in the aging of skin reducing wrinkles as it is rich in antioxidants and prevents the actions of the compound that damages the elastin which triggers premature aging. The natural barrier of the skin is repaired and maintained. It also helps in skin irritation and mainly helps dry skin to prevent damage. 

Rice water mainly helps in hair growth and reduces the time and delays for the graying of hair. It also minimizes the struggles of handling the tangles of hair while giving it a shine, stronger and smoother. 

3 ways of preparing 

You can prepare your rice water in three ways. You can choose the best and easy method of making it and it will work for you effectively.

You can use it by soaking the clean rice in a bowl with water for 30 minutes and pressing and mixing it gently with your fingers. After 30 minutes, strain the water and store it in the bottle closed with a tight lid. Refrigerate it for 2 days or a week. 

Rice water

You can also boil it where the rice should be cooked first and the starchy water should be strained and transferred to a glass bottle. Keep the lid open until it cools completely and then close it and refrigerate. 

You can ferment the rice for smoothening and conditioning. Rinse the rice with water and place the rice in a glass bowl with water and soak it for 2 days. After the completion of 2 days strain the rice and store it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator. 

The way of using

Take a cotton ball and put a small amount of rice water and smooth it gently over the face and neck. Clean it and massage it in the skin and rinse it.

It can be used as an exfoliate for body scrub by adding some salt, citrus, and essential oil. Rub it and rinse. 

Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it thoroughly with water and then pour rice water onto the hair and massage it onto the hair and scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse the hair using warm water. 

Rice water is really safer to use than any DIY ingredients and makes sure to use the rice water that is only stored for a maximum of one week. Once it gets older, avoid using it. And moreover, people who are allergic to rice should avoid it. 

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