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We try different skincare routines, different hairstyles, and makeup. Similarly, we need to attention to nails. The shiny new colors will boost your mood and give a confidence. 2022 is a year to show up fashion and beauty, and so show it through nails. Explore the popular nail colors for 2022, instead of going with the common colors. It can either be a nail design with elaborate art or a simple mani with one polish. But there will always be a nail color perfect for you. So, discover the popular nail colors for 2022 and find what suits you. 

 Popular nail colors for 2022

It is found that the nail polish trends in 2022 are exciting, with many shades like neutrals and sparkling metallics. But there can also be a few colors that would not be your first pick. 

Popular nail colors for 2022

Vibrant neons

When it comes to color trends, if you style correctly, any shade of neons will work for you. For an instant, these neon colors can lift your mood. It can be green, yellow, blue, pink, and orange that will pair with all your skirts, shorts and trousers. 

If you doubt whether vibrant neons suit you, you can start with one shade of neon first. If you feel comfortable, you can add matching accessories or other neon colors that suit you. These colors will suit when you go to the beach or stay at home. Mostly these colors suit well for an ordinary casual look

Navy colors

Navy colors

Navy colors will add a pop to your nails as it is one of the most versatile shades of blue. It is an elegant color and it looks great in anything. This color is popular because it is a favorite color among women as it is understated and toned down compared to the other usual bright blue nails. You can combine navy blue with gold accents as they complement each other greatly and adds a good look to your fingertips. 

This is a neutral color and you can pair it with any other neutral colors like gray, white, beige, and black as well as colors like hot pink, orange, mustard, and cherry red. 

Mint green

This is a soft shade of green and turquoise, which is blue to green in color. Mint green will be a great hit for the upcoming seasons. This minty fashion is everywhere and is a popular nail color 2022. Universally, this will please almost all skin tones and will be fabulous when combined with white, black, navy, and peach colors. 

But you should make sure to wear it correctly, if not it will look disastrous. When you wear it, give attention to your skin tone, eye color, hair, and the colors of the clothes you wear, then choose the shades of mint. If you have dark hair, choose a light hint of mint, while blonde hair can go with dark mints. Soft coloring women look good in almost all shades. 

Red fall


The bright red is going to make a big comeback. This red color nail polish is the ultimate statement of glamour. This will give a bold look, that exposes passion, confidence, and fire. It can juicy, glossy or matte and it will look amazing on you. Although it boosts any casual look, this red nail polish looks great when you wear it with office wear. Try shades like burgundy, cranberry, or dark red shades, and avoid the ones that look bright and spicy. 

Nude colors

This is a trendy and popular color. Moreover, they are appropriate throughout the entire year where a big, chunky sweater will look amazing with a set of chic beige nails. This polish looks mature and will go with every outfit and occasion. 

The nude colors will work well, especially in the professional world and it is a perfect choice for an interview. 

Light grey

light grey

One of the most popular nail colors 2022 is the light grey color which is a frosty, washed-out grey. It will look equally elegant when you go to a business meeting or for a wedding. This looks divinely feminine in an almond design that will be finely squared at tips.

You can join black tailoring with the light grey nails to increase the sense of drama. Or you can pair them with a cool white color. 

Very peri

This is a nail color trend for the spring of 2022. This is a gorgeous holographic shade that goes from light to offer teases of color. You can use it as a coat on the top of your nails. The spring holos look light and forty and will not be much overwhelming. 

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