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Welcome to lovely Wednesday and today we are glad to come up with some tips for oily skin. Oily skin is challenging and it gives an uncomfortable feeling for many. Sebum is an oily substance and the over secretion of sebum in the skin provides an oily type for the skin. When the face consists of oily skin it forms some characteristics of pores that are visible and enlarged, shiny complexion, and breakouts while easily get prone to acne. This type of skin is not suitable for makeup as it can be wiped off easily. And these are major challenges that are hard to handle.

Oily skin is formed due to various reasons. Humidity, genetics, stress, and hormones that fluctuate are some causes for the skin type. It is important to have a balance of the skin without consisting of too much oil and too much dry. Therefore great skincare should be done and maintained to have pleasant skin. A simple routine and some tips will help you to obtain healthy and clear skin. If you are interested you can try the below skincare routine and tips for better skin.

Skincare routine for oily skin

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The initial step in any skincare is to cleanse the face. Cleaning the face is usually done daily, but for oily skin faces, it is highly recommended to provide a complete cleansing. Cleansing should be a must in the morning because at night the skin sheds the skin cells and produces oil. And doing it twice a time will help the skin to remove the excess oil and the dead skin. It is better to cleanse the face even after having a hard time and sweating. Choose a gentle product instead of harsh and strong products because they can result in irritation and increases the oil production or will make it too dry.

No matter what the type of skin is, it is important for the skin to be kept hydrated and so applying moisturizer is essential. And the right type of moisturizer should be used that suits the type of skin. A light and mild moisturizer with a content of water is recommendable. Look for oil-free and alcohol-free products.

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It is better if you can avoid makeups that are harsh and causes irritation in the skin. Choose your makeup that is based on water and it should be oil-free. Never use a lot of makeup, try to keep it within limits. So that it helps to control the oily skin. Always remember to remove the makeup completely before going to sleep.

Most of us will not use products when we are at home. Other than using products, you can also try some home remedies to control oily skin. Applying honey is a good way for oily skincare. Because it possesses the properties of antibacterial and draws moisture from the skin. Instead of an oily face, it helps to have moisture skin naturally. Take a few drops and apply them to the face. After 10 minutes wash it with warm water. Honey can also be applied along with ground raw almonds as it helps to remove excess oil and impurities from the skin. This is recommendable if you are not allergic to nuts.

Blotting papers will absorb the oil in the face and it will reduce the shining in the face. Do not rub the blotting paper on the face, instead press it against the face and it will work out.

In our daily skincare, it is important to include the practice of eating proper food. Fruits and vegetables are safe to consume but avoid foods that are high in sugar and oil. Therefore fried foods are better to be avoided.

If this skincare routine and tips are not working for your oily skin or worsen the skin, it may be because of the high content of oil in the skin, therefore it is better to get medical help.

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