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Have you heard about No-Shave November or Movember? Yes, Most of you would have. But only a few people know the exact reason. In the month of November, most of the men would be roaming around with mustaches and beards while razors, clippers, and scissors would have no work. You might have thought and done it as a silly thing and just for fun. But this manly celebration of growing their facial hair has a reason. So if you want to be a part of No-shave November, then we are here to provide you tips on taking care of your beard and its benefits. 

Difference between Movember and No-shave November.

It started as a fun tradition, where 2 men thought of bringing back the mustache to style, but then it turned out to be for a greater purpose. It began in Australia in the year 2003, where the two men recruited 28 men, who agreed to grow beards and mustaches. Initially, the only intention was to have fun but then it turned out to raise money for charities. Movember grew awareness about the cancer patients who lose their hair. So they thought of putting down the razors and scissors, and the money that is intended to spend for the maintenance of facial hair should be donated to charities.

This completely became a charitable organization that supports the health of men suffering from cancers, mental health, and suicide prevention. This grew by 2017, and 21 countries officially participated with more than 5 million people. 

No-shave November is a similar organization but is not related to Movember. They raise awareness and money for men’s health and focus solely on cancer. Mathew hill, the father of the family who found No-shave November died from colon cancer and so they found this in 2009. Their goal is to embrace the hair, which cancer patients lose and so to let it grow wild and free. 

The benefits of skin in No-shave November

No-shave November

Your beard protects your skin from the sun and prevents the risk of damage of UV rays to the underneath skin, lowering skin cancer. And this depends on the length of the hair and the angle of the sun so that on average the exposure ratio reduces to one-third. 

When you shave, there is a risk of skin getting exposed to infections by bacteria. Shaving can cause small cuts in the skin, so bacteria that naturally live on the face will enter the cuts and lead to infections causing heavier acne and ingrown hairs. 

It is an additional layer of protection that keeps your face warm during the cold climate, especially in the winter. So when you have a better amount of beard, then you have less chance of catching a cold. 

Your face produces natural oils that moisturizers your skin. So when you have a beard, then it prevents rubbing off the oils from the face and saves skin from drying.

You cannot disagree with this point, as most of you have beards to make you feel attractive, look masculine, and have confidence. Even women prefer men with beards and perceive them to be more masculine. 

How to take care of your beard and mustache?

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Growing a beard is fine, but you should make sure that you have a healthy beard, to prevent issues. 


Regular grooming is important to keep the beard healthy,  by oiling and washing it with mild beard shampoos and conditioners to prevent stinking of the beard. 


Condition your beard with beard oils and moisturize the skin to prevent itchiness. It also moisturizes the skin and hydrates the underneath skin. Spread a few drops of oil evenly in your hands and massage from the base of the beard to the hair tips. If you have dry skin or are in a dry climate, use it every day, if you are in a humid climate, then 2 to 3 times a week is fine. But if you find oily buildups in the beard then use it less often. 


Use a brush, which is round in shape with fine teeth. Comb your beard to make it perfectly symmetrical and if you want you can blow-dry and comb to brush it downwards. 

So enjoy your no-shave November by growing your healthy beard.  

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