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It is fun to have a full face of foundation with bright red lips, but there are times when you want to look and feel the best without putting in too much effort. If so, you can then try no-makeup makeup looks to satisfy you. 

More than altering the facial feature sizes in ways with makeup, highlighting your natural features could be more interesting and gives you confidence. Although you wear makeup, no makeup look makeup makes sure that you still look like yourself with the right products

This is about partially looking natural as well as caring about the skin and finding the right product for your skin type. So let us find out what you can do. 

What is exactly the No Makeup look? 

No makeup look makeup

No-makeup look makeup is wearing makeup that helps to slightly enhance your features in a very natural and minimal way with many different interpretations. This is opposite to the typical Instagram beauty looks where you see a lot of bold brows, bright lipsticks, full coverage foundation, and more. 

No makeup look is basically the minimum and focuses on the steps of applying more than the number of products used. This suits people who want to look like themselves but should be not polished. 

Finding products that are easy to use and leave a natural finish is the key to a no-makeup makeup routine.  You need to know which products work for your skin and how to apply them to enhance your natural beauty.

You can still use this routine when going out to an event as the base. This simple, easy regimen will help you to be able to stick to it. 

A step-by-step method to nail the no-makeup makeup look

Follow the below guide to recreate your no makeup look makeup. 

Prepare you skin

In order to get the best no-makeup look, you need to have a strong skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and toning your skin. Proper preparation of your skin is important and you need to complete a thorough skincare routine every morning and night. Having fresh, hydrated skin will prevent the makeup from looking too unnatural. 

Prepare skin for no makeup look

Having a good skincare routine that you stick to daily will help you to keep your skin looking healthy without needing to add too much makeup. To visibly reduce large pores and get a smooth and even base, you can go in with a blurring primer.  Pick between a dewy or mattifying primer depending on your skin type and give your skin a soft and smooth look. 

No-makeup makeup look, when it comes to skin preparation of the skin, it is better to use a hydrating facial spray. It fights dryness and restores dull, tired skin. While it boosts hydration, aids the absorption of other skincare products, and improves makeup application. 

Go to your moisturizer. Dry skin types can deal with rich moisturizers with heavy-hitting hydraters while oily skin types should opt for lighter moisturizers. 

Skip the foundation 

The foundation covers skin blemishes while providing a smoother finish and a healthy glow but to achieve no makeup look, it is better to skip the foundation. Instead of foundation, you can smooth and brighten the complexion with a gentle exfoliant. Finish it with matte, and oil-free sunscreen.

If you still want to add a light layer of face makeup, look for a no-makeup makeup foundation that has a sheer to light coverage. But it is best to keep your complexion looking natural and let the texture of your skin shine through as possible without a foundation. 

Use a concealer

concealer stick for thin layer

It is crucial to stick to a natural complexion, so you can use a good concealer to strategically hide dark circles and any other blemishes when in no makeup look. Use a small, flat brush and apply it on the blemishes and dark spots to spot the conceal. 

Apply a tiny amount of the concealer under the eyes and for a natural effect blend it with the fingers. On your T-zone, lightly dust some setting powder to set everything in place. Dab it lightly and blend well. If needed, you can add a second layer to cover it perfectly and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and more. 

Add colors to your cheek

Do not add more blush, but a tiny amount would give your skin a natural flush to your cheeks. Apply a light layer of a warm-toned blush across your nose to achieve your no-makeup makeup as well as to give you a sun-kissed complexion. 

Make sure to use a sheer blush that is slightly bright than your skin tone. Concentrate in the middle and blend outwards and upwards along the cheekbones. Use a cream blush in warm peach or pink for a natural radiant glow. 

Light up your face

When it comes to a natural look, avoid Sparkly highlighters. Instead, go with a liquid highlighter or a strobing cream to get the no makeup look. A touch of highlighter should be added to the high points of the face as it is the quickest way to add a glow to the complexion. 

To give your skin a natural-looking glow, you can also mix the highlighter with your primer from within and enjoy a dewy complexion.

Choose cream eyeshadow

You need to keep the eyes simple and almost bare for no-makeup makeup eyes. 

But to get a wide-awake eye, you can start with a cream eyeshadow in a shade that is close to your skin tone. Blend the shadow up from your lash line, and as it gets closer to your brows, fade it. 

Cream shadows are better because creams tend to wear more naturally throughout the day, also they are so easy and quick to apply.

Keep the eye simple

simple eye makeup for no makeup look

To define your eyes without making them look over the top use brown eyeliner on your waterline. 

Coat your lashes with curling mascara to add some attraction without the look of falsies. Using an eyebrow pencil, finish your eye makeup to fill in your brows and make them appear fuller.

Use light mascara or skip it

To have a no-makeup look, the skin is the main concern. So it’s okay to go light on the lashes. If you have super dark lashes naturally, it just lightly opens your eyes without looking too heavy. 

Curl your lashes and apply brown mascara to the top lashes only. If not go for the natural look and skip mascara altogether. If you apply mascara with a smaller brush, it will help you to apply less. 

The lips

In your no-makeup makeup look, you need to be concerned about the lips. Applying cream lipstick in a shade close to the natural color of your lips will help to keep your lip makeup soft. Test out the different lipstick shades to find your closest match. Top it off with lip balm to add a sheen and hydrate your lips.

What products are good for no makeup look? 


Go for hybrid skincare primers because that works and makes your makeup look last all day long. These primers will help to reduce hyperpigmentation, increases hydration, prevent breakouts, and protect the skin from pollutants. It offers a bare minimum of color and coverage, with the inclusion of added skincare benefits.

An Illuminating moisturizer

without the use of foundation or highlighter, you can give yourself a radiant look and it is easy to do it with illuminating moisturizer. 

There are moisturizers with SPF 30 giving you a brighter, younger-looking complexion. Find products that contain glycolic acid, vitamin C, and Pro-Retinol. It will help to correct an uneven skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and reveal more radiant skin.

Pinched cheeks

A natural flush of color can be added to your complexion with blush. it’s especially important that you work in thin layers to achieve the no-makeup look. Use a light hand and a blush brush, and apply either a cream blush which can be more suitable for dry skin, or a powder blush which is best for oily skin on top of the apples of your cheeks and slightly blend backward.

Highlighter sticks

You can use stick highlighters to apply easily. You need to swipe, blend, and go. You can take them anywhere and apply them whenever you want to get your favorite finishes. 

With that, you don’t need an additional beauty tool to apply. For extra hydrating and plumping benefits, check out stick highlighters with skincare ingredients, like hyaluronic acid or maracuja oil. Using a highlighter with a dewy finish is better to amp up the fresh, and glassy look. 

Fluffy brows

With the right tools, you can create fluffy brows. Use a spoolie or brow brush and start to brush stray hairs upward and fill in gaps with a brow pencil. To achieve a natural finish, you can make short consistent strokes, and using powerful pencils, you can get plenty of support. 

For seamless building and blending, oil-infused solutions can be used. To get an accurate fine-tip feature, you can use waterproof picks. With a brow gel, you can lock your look in place. 

Defined lashes

To get the perfect lashes, select the right pick of mascara. To get thick and defined lashes, volumizing mascara can boost the look in a big way by adding shapes, fierce appeal, and fast-acting solutions. 

Choose to lengthen mascaras that offer a long-lasting lift or you can go with double-ended mascaras for defined lashes. 

Blush lips

To add life to dull lips, dab your favorite lip stain lightly from the center of your lips toward the edges for a kiss-proof flush of color. Go for a shade or even a classic red for that just-bitten pop of color. 

Tips on how to apply no-makeup makeup correctly

simple no makeup look with makeup

Final thoughts

Whether you prefer a makeup look or a no makeup look, it relies on finding the perfect makeup trick. You need to adopt a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle, to have your skin look naturally healthy and glowing. 

Always use the right product and tips to achieve the right type of no makeup makeup look. So that you can showcase and expose your natural look. 

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