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natural skincare homemade

Natural skincare homemade remedies are one of the best solutions for most of our skin problems. We have many problems with the skin due to pollution, hot showers, rough towels, and chemical and harsh products. Not everyone will prefer products with alcohol and fragrances as they might cause irritation and products with water-based lotions and creams will not suit every skin type, especially sensitive skins. So let’s keep it simple for beauty care and find some natural skincare homemade remedies for skin problems like acne-prone, dry skin, sunburn, and skin wrinkles. 

Natural skincare homemade remedies

Turmeric for acne-prone skin 

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These are stubborn and can pop up at the worst time and some can cause side effects like dryness, discoloration, and redness.  Instead of preferring products with harsh ingredients,   choose natural solutions.   If the acne is mild,  then it is really easy to treat. Turmeric significantly improves the severity of skin conditions like acne.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the skin while targeting the pores. 

Using this you can clear up the face from acne and breakouts. Take 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder, mix it with warm water and honey, and applied to the face.  This is considered a safe product and there are no side effects.  But if you still want to consider its safety you can do a patch test by applying it to your arm and wait for a day to find any reactions. 

Olive oil for dry skin

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This is an uncomfortable condition causing cracks, breakouts, and itching. Exposure to hot water, dry weather conditions, and certain chemicals lead to the occurrence of dry skin.  Olive oil has various skin benefits and the main benefit is to moisturize the skin while preventing dryness by obstructing the loss of water. The increasing content of water helps in improving the health of the skin and its appearance.

This is a good choice for cleansing your skin as it won’t remove your natural oil but will clean the skin.  Rub the oil into the skin and drape a warm,  damp cloth over the face to cool.  And then wipe the excess oil. 

Aloe vera for Sunburn

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Sunburn occurs due to exposure to the sun for a period of time,  and it returns red and irritated. If this gets severe, it can be hot to the touch while swelling and peels the skin.  For sunburn,  aloe vera is a good natural skin care homemade remedy and has a large number of skin-saving benefits.  this calms irritation and boosts the glowing of skin.  The gel produces collagen that helps to heal the burns. This also avoids peeling due to Sun damage. mix half tablespoon of almond oil with one tablespoon of sugar until sugar dissolves. 

Add 4 tablespoons of aloe vera juice or gel an apple to the skin.  Wait for 15-20 minutes and remove it with warm water and a soft towel.  If you have sensitive skin,  do not use sugar as it may be harsh to the skin. 

Papaya for wrinkles 

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These are folds on the skin that comes when aging, and this produces less protein making the skin thinner and less resistant to damage.  This is caused due to environmental exposure, toxin,  and dehydration.  Wrinkles happen when you age but still, you can slow down the process and the signs of aging by some natural skincare homemade remedies. 

Papaya is great for reducing wrinkles as it helps in enhancing the collagen in the skin while healing it.  Vitamin E and C in papaya helps to refresh the skin.  Take half a cup of ripe papaya and mash it,  while adding 1 tablespoon of milk and honey. Apply it to your face and keep it for 20 minutes.  Wash with cold water. 

Natural skincare homemade remedies are solutions for all types of skin problems and choose the correct remedy to cure your problems.

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