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natural skincare for men

Skincare is important for both men and women.  Natural skincare for men is more effective and is important for many skin issues in men. But they neglect skincare and lack knowledge based on skin. For years men are portrayed to always have a rough and tough look. But today when men go to the office, parties, and some other occasions, they are expected to be presentable. Men’s skin gets duller than women’s skin due to the growth of the beard and active lifestyle. And this dull skin can give acne prone issues, wrinkles, and skin damage. So here let’s see how natural skincare for men works. 

Boys have large pores and get oilier skin. Currently, they are more conscious of their looks and skin health, and some do not prefer products, as they don’t suit everyone. So here are some natural skincare for men that are really effective. 

Natural skincare for men

Men with oily skin

Men suffer from oily skin due more than women, and testosterone in the body of a man will raise the levels of oil-producing glands causing oily skin and breakouts. So if you have oily skin, do not use harsh products or hot water instead try a slice of tomato in your natural skincare. Cut the tomato in half and rub it on the skin directly. Keep it for 15 minutes, so that the juices will be absorbed properly, and wash it with cold water.

Tomato contains vitamins and minerals, along with antioxidants that provide anti-aging benefits that also brighten the skin. This cleanses and shrinks the pores and reduces the oiliness. If tomato feels harsh for the skin, you can go with cucumber which is a great source of vitamin C, that helps in balancing skin and prevents it from being too oily, and controls acne. 

Moisturizer after shaving

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After shaving your face, you might get issues, like irritation, creation of scar tissues, increase dryness, and effects on the protective barrier function of the skin. And you need aftershave to prevent razor burns. For this, you can use aloe vera gel to prevent these skin issues. Aloe vera has natural properties that help to soothe and heal burns. This can be used to moisturize and cools the skin while calming the overheated skin. You can even use this if you have dry skin due to its hydrating properties that keep your skin moisturized. You can use aloe vera twice a week to have good and bright skin.

Anti-aging and remove dark circles

Potato juice has proven to have properties of anti-aging and skin tightening, as it contains vitamins A, B, and C. It also gives a glowing and youthful look, and it’s extremely gentle to apply to skin. You can remove your dark circles with this juice and lightens the skin. Apply it gently to the dark circles and under-eye skin and this works really well. The natural bleaching property will remove the dark circles and increase skin complexion. Take a cotton dab and apply the juice onto your dark circles and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it. Do not apply this, if you are allergic to this. 

Clean your beard

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It is important to keep your beard clean to prevent itchiness. Wash your beard and apply some oil with fragrance after washing. Do not over-wash as it might remove the natural oils. You can apply olive oil to soften your beard and keeps it black in color. This has moisturizing properties and will also promote the growth of the beard. Warm two teaspoons of olive oil and massage it on the beard. This has no side effects and so you can even leave it overnight. Wash it with lukewarm water and you feel the softness even in the first use. 


Changes in hormones will trigger the level of acne and create oil leading to clogged pores allowing bacteria to grow. Sweating makes it worse and due to the hot weather and exercising, it is hard to control the pimples in the face. Honey is noteworthy for skin cleansers. This cures pimples and blemishes while drying up the excess oil on the skin. This has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria which cause acne. 

Follow the above natural skincare for men and see your results

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