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We have found foundations that perfectly match our skin tone and change our hair to the color we want. And then there is lip blushing that enhances the natural color of the lip. But have you heard about Lip Blushing gone wrong? 

Lip blushing allows you to have a perfect picture of your flushed lips without the need of applying any lipstick, balm, or lip gloss. The lipped blush tattoos are actually expensive, so when you hear things like lip blushing gone wrong, you will feel it to be riskier.

There may be risks and side effects, but the real possibility for lip blushing gone wrong is when you are not careful. Let’s see what you can do, how to prevent it, and what to expect. 

What is lip Blushing? 

Lip blushing

It is a form of semi-permanent, tattooed makeup. This tints the lips using a cosmetic tattoo gun and water-based inks. This won’t change the shape or feeling of the lips but will leave your lips with a soft and shaded-in color enhancing the symmetry of the lips, covering the uneven pigmentations of scars, and the gives you an illusion of big and full lips. 

You will be delivered with a natural result when it gets healed. It is done by poking tiny holes and injecting color into the epidermis, or the top layer of the skin. A single needle is used and is done quickly and consistently to create a series of dots, while the needle goes in and out of the machine. 

It is a more superficial deposition of the pigment and the result is less permanent than a tattoo. This will actually last for two or three years. Many prefer to go without lip makeup after their lip blushing but you can still wear lipsticks and lip colors if you want. 

How is lip blushing done? 

Before doing lip blushing, you should make sure that you’re not baking any medications,  suffer from cold sores, are pregnant or nursing,  or are prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  If you feel you are not in the above conditions,  then make sure that your lips are healthy and hydrated. 

Some people may experience severely chapped lips in the winter or in summer.  So it is better to wait until the season is over so that your lips will get time to recover. 

A lip blushing procedure is similar to tattooing a lip. 

First, your lips will be numbed for 15 to 20 minutes,  so that you will not feel much pain and discomfort.  To ensure that you feel no pain,  the numbing cream with be continuously applied during the two-hour procedure.

The provider will go through the desired lip shape and tone you want and after your approval, she will begin to blush your lips.

A natural-looking pigment will be inserted into the lips using small needles.  It’ll be done in multiple layers to create an even tone.  It can actually take about 1 to 3 hours.  The results will take about 4 to 6 weeks to develop lighter pigmented lips and six to eight weeks for dark pigmented lips. 

But within those weeks,  the skin will shed, scab,  and swell before they see their newly colored lip. 

Lip blushing on dark lips

Sometimes dark lips need more sessions to achieve satisfying results.  Neutralization is needed for lip blushing in dark lips.  The first step is to neutralize cool tones and lift the darkness of lips.  And it is in the next step, you need to target the color to blush. 

A skilled and certified lip blush artist does this because it is not that easy.

Lip blushing gone wrong 

Lip blushing gone wrong

Lip blushing seems like a traditional tattoo. The technique that is used to do lip blushing is the same as the traditional one. It carries the same risks as the traditional tattoo. 

Lip blushing can go wrong if it is not done properly. And it can cause many risks like, 

This can form due to the stimulation of the needle during the lip tattooing. It can hinder the surgery and worsen the process of healing. It may lead to the loss of pigment. The cold sores are signs of the Herpes Simplex virus and appear a few days after the procedure. 

How to prevent it? 

It is better to do another touch-up to fill the fading areas. You can reduce the danger by using a mild permanent makeup machine along with proper care after the procedure. Use a cream advised by your technician in order to moisturize your lips

Another way to prevent this is by not rubbing or touching the treated region. If you get cold sores, it is better to take antiviral medicines.

Lip blushing, when not done properly can cause infectious disorders. sometimes bacteria can be transmitted through contaminated tattooing equipment and needles. The contaminated tattoo inks can cause infections even when the tattoo artist follows sanitary precautions. 

How to prevent it? 

The infections can spread quickly and get worsen.  If you notice the lips getting blisters,  sores, or swollen for longer and get bigger making your face swell, or if you experience fever,  it is better to contact a doctor and obtain medical help. The worst thing is you cannot treat infections at home.

To prevent infections,  you need to make sure that the equipment that is used for the procedure is germ-free and not reused.  The environment should be clean and make sure that the technician is following all the sanitary precautions.

Before doing the procedure ensure that the skin is properly cleaned and prepared. And after the procedure, you need to keep the lips clean and follow the right instructions to care.  The pigment should come from a sealed and unused container.

It is not that common for the reactions of allergic to tattoo pigments. But reactions can occur unpleasantly because the pigments are difficult to remove.  Some people can occasionally develop adverse reactions. It can cause a rash, bump, or swelling. 

How to prevent it? 

Some reactions can be treated at home while some needs medical help.  Even if you’re treating it at home,  you need to contact a Doctor to get the right medication and instructions. 

If your symptoms are getting worst really faster,  you need to immediately go to the nearest emergency place to get medical attention. 

To prevent reactions of allergic, it is best to do a patch test,  so that your body can give time to get used to the pigment.

This is one of the most common problems that occur due to lip blushing. It is when you fail to get the expected or desired results. And this is one of the reasons to say lip blushing gone wrong. 

Maybe you will experience the color ending up in a different color or being patchy. The outline of the lip will not be neat or the shape might be not correct. Sometimes you will experience it to be more painful or improper healing. 

The actual problem is that the lip blushing will last a few years, and there is nothing much you can do to change the appearance of the lips, apart from the laser removal. 

How to prevent it? 

To change the appearance of the lips, laser removal or correction is the way that you can do it.  To prevent this outcome,  try to do research on the procedure and the technician. 

Clear all the doubts and know what you are going to do.  Make sure to do a patch test.  Pick the right color for the lip blushing to prevent the formation of an unsuitable color. 

This is actually a rare reaction to dark pigments. If the body recognizes the ink as foreign, it will prepare the immunity and respond to seclude. 

How to prevent it? 

This actually needs medical treatment and treated by a doctor.  Granulomas will not immediately develop and can delay the reaction to the pigment.  The treatment will vary based on the extent of the reaction.

That is no way to prevent granulomas,  but the least you can do is a patch test,  But still most of the time it will not work.  It may take weeks or months to develop after the procedure,  so doing a patch test and waiting to see it occur can be a long process for you to do lip blushing.

When your lips start to heal, the skin will scab for a week. If you try to pick these scabs, it can cause scars and uneven tone.

How to prevent it? 

You should not pick the scabs.  Place petroleum jelly on your lips for relief and protection.  You can avoid intense workouts for a few weeks during the healing of your lips and avoid direct sun exposure. Sometimes your lips will look darker than you thought but it is a normal side effect that will be cured. 

How to generally prevent ‘lip blushing gone wrong’? 

prevent lip blushing going wrong

Lip blushing can cause fewer effects.  But still, you need to follow strict rules to care for it. Following them will cause fewer chances of lip blushing gone wrong.

Pick the right blushing practitioner

People who consider the get lip blushing should choose carefully a practitioner who is licensed and experienced. Lip blushing before and after photos from them of their clients. 

It is of course crucial to find the right permanent makeup artist because if they cannot determine the right color, the artist can permanently give the lips an unnatural or even color. 

The artist should really need to know the color theory to do this because if not they can destroy a person’s look. Once the damage is done it is really hard to get it back. 

What to know more about lip blushing? 

To Comfort the lips,  and to control the bleeding and swelling a topical numbing cream is applied. The artist will gently implant the pigment into the first layer of the skin with a single new sterile nanoneedle.  This is done for a long time and can be a repetitive process.  More layers can be added to make the pixels tighter,  deeper, and more saturated. 

When the color gets deposited,  the artist will clean the lips and apply a thin coat of a healing balm. 

lip blushing shape and tone

One appointment to do lip blushing is enough to create the desired result.  But if you need you can do a second session 6 to 10 weeks later, to enhance the color.  The lips will get swollen, dried, and will give a tight feeling immediately after the treatment. 

You need to keep the lips well hydrated with vaseline for the next two weeks.  By the end of the first week, the lips will scab and then the newly colored lips will emerge. 

It will take a full month to see the final results and for the lips to get healed. 

Final thoughts

Lip blushing is something like a tattoo and is done to achieve more toned and shaped lips. There are chances where you find lip blushing gone wrong, but if you do it in the right way, you can prevent them from occurring. 

You need to follow strict pre and post-care rules, and find an experienced practitioner to get the desired results and prevent the issues. 

If you develop any side effects, call a doctor immediately. 

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