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Maybe you can be cool with your sandals, shoes, and flat slippers. But what about walking in your heels? It comes naturally to you or it doesn’t. Knowing how to walk with heels is a good skill. And heels are appropriate and best to wear at parties, dinners, offices and will suit for classy dresses and formals. When you put high heels, you take a few slow steps in the house trying to walk. Most of us find it hard to walk in high heels. Why is it very difficult? So here are some tips for you to walk in heels. 

Why is it actually difficult?  It is because high heels throw us off balance. Elevating the heels increases the pressure amount placed on the feet and pushes the bodies forward and changes the way of balancing and walking. This puts strain on the body parts and muscles which are not used to get strain. This makes you feel awkward and clumsy.  

Tricks and techniques to walk in heels

Go with the easiest heel

high heels

Before going to high heels and thin heels, choose the easiest heels to walk in. you should start with lower heels. Balancing is more important to walk properly and a lower one will help in ensuring that the body won’t push forward with less pressure and less pain on the ball of your foot. A sturdy block heel will help you to give more support than a thin heel, as it spreads the impact you get when your feet hit the ground and gives less pain to the back. Try a round toe or peep toe to make it more comfortable without your toes squashing together. 

Practice on carpet

Do not practice walking in heels on the hard floors, cause it will lead to bruises. Try walking back and forth on a carpet. Maybe if you feel it to be slippery, you can prevent sliding all over the place by scoring or sandpapering the bottoms of your shoes slightly to avoid being drawn or pulled down. 

1st heel, 2nd toe

walk in heels

Normally we walk by placing both the toe and the heel on the ground. This suits any other footwear. But if you are wearing a heel, first place your heel down on the ground and then place the toe. And when you fully keep your feet on the ground, make sure to keep your knee straight. If you bend your knee, or if you place the toe and the heel at the same time, it will look awkward to walk. But if you have your knees straight and walk as heel first and toe second then you will make your walk look effortless and natural.

Small steps

If you walk faster in your heels, it will look awkward, so take small steps and have a compromised balance. So that you will get an air of confidence and you will look good. If you want to look more graceful try to place each foot directly in front of the other when you take a step, so that you will have an elegant look.

Look straight

Many girls who walk for the first time in heels, will look down at the feet. But when you wear it, you should actually look straight so that you will not notice any upcoming crack in the sidewalk. So always make sure to keep your heads up. 

Walk properly on stairs

heels in stairs

Stairs are hard to manage for many when walking in heels. So when walking you should keep your heel first, but when going upstairs place your toe first, this is because it is hard to judge the depth of stairs and place all your weight on the heel and if you miss the step, you’ll fall. When going downstairs angle your slightly towards the handrail so you can place each foot fully without having to worry about any step. 

Heal the pain

Heels hurt and you should be able to handle and heal the pain. Elevate your feet to prevent swelling and help to heal faster. Lie down flat and hold up your feet at a 30-degree angle using a chair or pillow. Hold it for 30 minutes. Do a mini massage using a ball or a round object by rolling under and at the sides of the foot so it will break the muscles that have stiffened up due to pressure on the feet. This will help me about being more relaxed. 

You can also heal by soaking your feet for just 15 to 20 minutes in warm water as it reduces the soreness you felt and stimulates the blood flow to the feet. Add essential oils to aid in relaxation. When you want to fall asleep after a day wearing a heel, put on compression socks so that they will help in blood circulation and you will feel fresh in the morning. 

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