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Presently, most of us have a busy schedule and will have no time to look after our hair. Doing a lot of processes and taking a long time to take care of the hair is done less these days. So as an alternative option, you can opt for hair hacks to save your time and energy. These tricks will make your hair look gorgeous as well as healthy. 

Hair hacks for girls and boys

Following these hair hacks for girls and boys will let you save more time. It also contains tips and tricks for amazing hair things. Read on to find the best hair hacks.

Hair hacks for girls 

One of the dreams, girls will have is to maintain stunning hair every single day. But this is something that is actually tough to achieve. So we are here to share a few super-easy hair hacks that will change the way you look and feel. 

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Silk is naturally smooth when compared to other fabrics. For example, the cotton pillowcase can draw the moisture out of your hair and will dry it out. But this is not the same with a silk pillowcase, cause while you sleep, it would reduce the friction of the toss and turns. This prevents breakage and reduces the frizz. 

Change your ponytails 

Change your ponytails

We girls, normally get fixed to a ponytail and will mostly not change it. But the fact is if you are regularly wearing the same ponytail, then you should change the location. Always make sure to put on a low ponytail, and do not overtighten it. When you wear your ponytail tight and pull, it can start falling out in front. The same ponytail will cause the risk of hair loss and will damage the roots. 

Clean your hairbrushes 

One of the most common bad beauty habits is not using clean brushes. The hairbrush you use is a trap of germs, dust, conditioner, oils, and old hair. Cleaning the brushes may seem like a big deal but when you have clean brushes, it will help you to style your hair and keep your hair free from fluff. If you take proper care of your brushes, it will help to prevent the formation of harmful bacteria.

Beetroot for dandruff

Beetroot is rich in Vitamin C and helps for healthy skin and will boost the immune system. And this natural remedy is recommended to cure dandruff. If you boil beetroot in water and massage the water on your scalp and keep it for an hour, it will cure dandruff and make the hair stronger, while reducing hair loss

Wear bobby pins in a proper way

Wear bobby pins in a proper way

To have a long-lasting hairstyle, the key element is the bobby pins. But not everyone is comfortable with it because some women complain that it would slide out and leave the hair messy. And at the end of the day, the pins would have fallen several inches. But there is a certain direction the bobby pin should face so that it would not fall and will hold your hair firmly and stay for hours. You need to wear it with the wavy side down. 

Hair hacks for boys

Hairstyle for a flatter face

Hairstyle for a flatter face

Not all guys will look the same with all the hairstyles. So it is important for you to choose the right hairstyle that fits your face. You need to consider your face shape and your hair texture. It is not about limiting your options, but you can find different versions of any style that will suit you. But even if the certain hairstyle corresponds well to your face, it doesn’t mean that you need to accept it mindlessly. But you can experiment with what looks best based on the given hairstyle. 

Have a handy comb

Your hair can look upset when something happens to your hair like the wind. But there could be events, you need to look good with your hair. So always make sure to have a handy comb, to serve you well. If you use the comb with some water and apply it to your hair, you will be good to go. 

Dry shampoo when traveling

Dry shampoo is similar to how you use hairspray. If you have not showered for a day or two, then using dry shampoo will definitely help. If you use just a little bit of it, you can control the grease in your hair and on your scalp. But still, showering is the best way to make your hair look good. 

Add volume to your hair 

Use a blow dryer and a comb to add volume to your hair. Keep combing your hair up and dry it at the same time, for it to stay up. Or else, blow dry your hair upside down, so that it will work for you.

Rinse with cold water

Rinse with cold water

At the end of the shower, wash your hair with cold water as it can give an additional boost for your hair to grow. The cold water will lay down the outer layer of your hair smoothly and even though the cold showers take more effort, it will prevent the hair from getting damaged.  

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