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As humans, we face a lot of common issues and in order to prevent them, we need to take care of ourselves. In this beauty care section, let’s see about one of the common problems faced by the majority of the people in the world and how can we take care of it.

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We all love our hair because it adds a good look to our appearance. Therefore hair growth is an important part of our life. But are you struggling with breakouts and loss of hair? Is it an issue for the growth of your hair? Most of your answers would be a yes. Hair loss is an obstacle for the growth of hair, mainly faced by women no matter whether they stay at home or go for works.

Hair loss problems

I am going through hair loss problems and I got many suggestions to eat proper food and to take a daily bath. According to those recommendations, I started eating good food that helps for my hair growth and I am a person who takes a daily bath to feel fresh and cool after a hard day. But still, I faced issues like hair dryness and loss. I was upset about it and started to do research on why this not working. And then I found the reasons and the remedies that I should do to take care of my hair.

There are so many reasons for hair loss,

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It is hard to accurately find the reason for the hair loss and so it is difficult to prevent. But some common remedies can help. The hair should be taken care of both externally and internally, but most of us give more attention to external care of hair than internal care. This is where we go wrong. There is no use in caring for your hair with good shampoos, massage, and taking bath if you do not eat food with proper nutrients.

Hair care tips

The first thing to do is to eat properly. But even when we eat proper food, we end up with hair loss because the food is not absorbed in the body. The capacity of the absorption of the food is less when the body gets dried, therefore the nutritional absorption should be improved for better hair growth. Make a habit to eat fruits that contains biotin like avocado that helps in the prevention of hair fall.

Eat fish to gain protein and milk for calcium, it is better if you can add the ground garlic with milk for calcium to absorb in the body because the deficiency in calcium can because hair loss. Green vegetables with ion content are also recommendable.

A daily bath is good for your body, and whenever the body feels dry, mostly we prefer to take baths but some face hair loss. The reason is when you wash your hair daily with products containing harsh ingredients it will lead to excessive dryness that results in breakage of hair. Therefore in order to prevent this, before taking a bath do a good hair massage for your scalp for at least 5 minutes with oil. Coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil are recommendable and this will help for blood circulation for hair growth and it will have a moist and reduce dryness. This also helps to prevent dandruff.

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Change of water or hard water is also a reason for hair fall. Therefore a water softener shower head is good to remove the minerals contained and purifies the water. To prevent the cause of hard water make sure to use an organic and clarifying shampoo with fewer chemicals when washing your hair. Conditioner that has low pH will also help to moist and soften the hair.

After doing these researches, I am following these methods and used good products to prevent hair loss, and I am able to see changes in my hair that have less hair fall.

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