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It is not only women who battle with frizz, but also men with curly, wavy, and long-haired deal with frizz. But no matter what type of hair you have, if you have hair on your head, you have to probably deal with frizzy hair. 

But there are factors that cause frizzy hair and make the hair dry. It includes environmental factors and other haircare habits. 

Who likes to be frizzy hair men? Mostly nobody. So hereafter you should have no more excuses to stay without handling frizzy hair. Changing your haircare habits would help you to get rid of frizzy hair men. 

What is frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair men

Frizzy hair is sticking out or curling up of hair strands in different directions that causes messy and uneven textures that do not align with the main body hair giving a rough feel. Simply, when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised frizzy hair occurs. The cuticle hair is the outermost layer of the hair that protects the innermost layers. 

As a result, the hair appears dry and frizzy. For those with both thick and frizzy hair, it can be especially troublesome. It allows moisture to pass through while swelling the strands. 

Frizzy hair men 

In women, frizzy hair is common and it is the same in men to have them. It is a common issue man face especially when they have long hair, curly, and wavy hair. These hair types are naturally more prone to dryness, but even straight hair men will also get frizzy hair. 

Even if men keep their hair very short, at some point they can deal with frizz. Frizzy hair men can also be caused when having dry hair because this type of hair will absorb moisture from the air. 

Weather can also be responsible for causing frizziness, and that is why on a humid day, your curly locks can turn into frizziness. It may also be caused due to excessive washing and the products they use. The products designed for men’s hair are dried out and cause frizz in men. 

Men’s dry frizzy hair

To get rid of frizz, the very first step is to know more about what is causing it. The three main causes of frizzy hair in men are dryness, damage, and friction. If you wonder why your hair is frizzy, the below causes will help you to know. 


Weather is the first factor of frizzy hair in men.  Especially hot and humid weather causes your hair to absorb moisture and swell and it gets frizzy hair and bends irregularly. 

Exposure to sun

Frizzy hair men can also be due to exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. when you get directly exposed to them, it will be harmful to the hair causing brittleness and frizziness. 

Excessive Shampooing and washing

When you wash your hair excessively and apply too much shampoo, it damages the hair causing frizziness. This is because too much washing will strip the natural oil out of the hair and leaves it dry. And there will be no oil to retain moisture. Sometimes you skip conditioner after using shampooing. 

Use of heating tools

If you use blow dryers and straighteners regularly can damage the hair and will make the hair look frizzy. 

Chlorinated Water

chlorinated water can cause frizzy hair

Swimming pools contain chlorine in water, and if you swim in the chlorinated water will dry out hair and make them frizzy and rough.


The cuticle of the hair and its inner layers can be damaged by friction. This would be produced when you rub your hair roughly with a towel or wear tight hats, scarves, etc.

Health problems

A few health problems can also contribute to frizzy hair in men and women. Eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa, can cause malnutrition, leaving your hair brittle and dry. Other than that Thyroid problems are also the cause of dryness. A variety of other health conditions also can cause dryness.

How to get rid of frizzy hair in men? 

A few treatment options will help you to manage frizzy hair at home. 

Do a haircut

Men’s dry frizzy hair

If you have long hair or hair above the average, it is better if you schedule an appointment with your barber to have them trimmed off, so that the dry ends can be cut off which causes so much damage. This will help you stop handling tons of split ends. Do this every month or two. 

If you have hair growing issues, after trimming, you can consider the following ways to grow it stronger and healthier

The right conditioner and shampoo

In a hair care routine,  it is shampoo and conditioner that plays an important role.  The shampoo helps to clean your hair while the conditioners will moisturize and detangle it.  But there are products that can cause your hair to dry and make it frizzy.  So you need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner that will protect your hair from damage.  

When you’re shopping for these products, look for labels that include words like moisturizing, frizzy hair, or dry hair.  Look for ingredients like argan oil or Coconut oil. Make sure to avoid shampoos that contain sulfate because they might further dry out your hair.

Use smoothing oils

One of the effective ways to get rid of frizzy hair in men is by adding a  hydrating oil to your hair. There are many oils that improve your hair, but Jojoba Oil can work as it an ingredient in your skincare routine. This moisturizing oil can do great for your hair. the oil has a waxy texture and has a very similar texture to the oily secretion of the sebaceous gland. 

In Jojoba Oil, there are natural fats that can be found in the skin’s natural oil, so it can make your hair healthier when applied.  

Other than that, the top best oil for frizzy hair is Coconut oil as it softens hair and balances the scalp. The hair shaft can be brightened and softened with coconut oil due to the active activity of various minerals. 

Take some oil and massage to the hair and scalp this will prevent the scalp from drying out while the tiny molecules will allow penetrate deeply into the hair and soften and smoothen it. 

Shower with cold water

Hot showers can cause frizzy hair men worse by drying out your strands and increasing the risk of frizz and breakage. So cold water is the best option to take your shower. This smooths the damaged hair. But instead of taking your shower with cold water every day, you can rinse it with lukewarm water if you do not feel good. 

Use hair serums

To coat your hair and protect it from damage, you can use hair serums. They may help to fight frizziness and prevent swelling. Hair serums will also help to retain moisture. You can look for a serum that contains moisturizing ingredients like castor oil or aloe vera.

Immediately after washing your hair, while it is still wet, make sure to apply your hair serum. Look for silicone-based products and it is better if it is a lighter silicone and water-soluble ingredient. 

Choose the right products

You need to be extra cautious when choosing hair products for men especially when you are dealing with frizz-prone hair. Because not all products can be a great solution for your hair instead can make it worse. Some hair products may contain ingredients that can potentially make frizzy hair. There are hair products that contain alcohol that has been known to dry out your hair.

But remember that not all alcohols in hair products are bad. There are some naturally-derived fatty alcohols like stearyl alcohol and Cetearyl alcohol that are perfectly safe and highly beneficial to hair. So look for products that contain these ingredients. Also, look for products with fatty alcohol and glycerin which help to retain the moisture in your hair in order to get a hair frizz-free look.

Use leave-in conditioner

These conditioners are designed to stay in the hair instead of getting rinsed out. More than the type of conditioner you use in the shower, these leave-in conditioners are lightweight and will moisturize more than regular ones. 

And it is said by the manufacturers that the leave-in conditioners promote healthy growth by keeping the product on your hair longer and it may provide a heat protection barrier. To remove excess water after a shower, gently towel dry your hair.

Apply the leave-in conditioner by following the instructions on the bottle and gently comb the hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. 

Use a hair mask

Hair masks are quick and effective ways to provide your hair with tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. 

You can use honey as a hair mask which retains moisture in the hair. The moisture in the hair is sucked and prevented from escaping. If you have dry hair and need an extra boost of moisture and hydration, honey can be an emollient and helps to smoothen and soften the hair. 

You can use eggs for a hair mask, as they are rich in Vitamins A, D, and E, proteins, and fatty acids, and helps to retain the luster and shine in your hair. Your hair is mostly made of protein, so the egg gives an extra boost to the hair while leaving it to feel healthy and restored.

You can use lemon for those with an oily scalp, as it has the capability of absorbing excess oil and grease in the scalp. Lemon is high in Vitamin C and it leads to strong hair, and its acidic nature will help clean your hair from any deposited products and dust. 

How to prevent frizzy hair men? 

Do not overheat

Some people use a lot of overheating products including blow-dryers and straighteners. More than that they use hot showers. These things can dry out your hair and causes frizziness. So if you are prone to frizzy hair reduce the usage of heating tools like straighteners and blow-dryers. 

Do not over shampoo

get rid of frizzy hair in men with brush

Everyday shampooing seems to be a bad idea. Because when you apply shampoo every time, it will wash away the natural oils and can lead to dryness. If you have naturally dry hair, try to shampoo your hair whenever you feel it to be greasy. 

Do not use a rough towel

The normal towel you use can cause frizziness to your hair by making your cuticle to be rough. So avoid those towels and switch to a microfiber towel which is made from fineer towels and causes less friction and snagging on your hair. Or otherwise, you can opt for a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. 

Do not use the wrong brush

Men’s dry frizzy hair

This can rough up hair cuticles resulting in frizzy hair. The unclean brushes can have oil and product residues to stay on the brush. These can also frizziness. 

Find out how to clean the brushes

Use a brush that is designed for wet hair. You can use combs with wide-tooth because of the more space they have for the hair to pass through the teeth, which helps prevent breakage. 

Do not eat unhealthily 

Enough of all those unhealthy foods with a lack of nutrition which is also not good for hair.  Start eating a balanced and nutritious diet, because avoiding any nutrient deficiency can help you maintain your hair healthily. Make sure that your food has Biotin and proteins, which are crucial nutrients in the development of hair.

Final thoughts 

Being Frizzy hair men can be challenging to overcome. As long as you follow the above things in your hair care routine, then you will be able to get rid of them. Sometimes you might try a few anti-frizz products and they might not work for you. Don’t get too discouraged because finding the right t hair products that work for you, takes some trial and error. 

Keep experimenting with the above tips and you will eventually find a positive result.

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