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Fish pedicure

Have you ever experienced placing your feet in a river, and the fishes gather to bite you? After a few minutes, when you take your leg out, probably you will find your feet soft and smooth. This has become famous now in salons and spas and is called the fish pedicure. Massage is relaxing and gives us smooth and fresh skin. And so fish gives us the best massage for feet. So if you need a smooth and fresh foot, you can give it a try and find amazing results. Continue reading to know more about how fish pedicures works. 

What is a fish pedicure? 

Fish pedicure is a growing trend in the Spa world and becoming common in big salons and malls. You should dib your feet for 30 minutes in a tub of water filled with hundreds of small fish called the Garra Rufa. It is a toothless fish that is famous for eating dead or diseased human skin and leaves the healthy skin untouched.

Garra Rufa

Garra Rufa is native to the middle east and it is used as a medical treatment for ages, and this is famous for curing skin diseases. So it is also called the doctor fish. This came to trend in the mid-2000s and the 1st American fish spa was launched in 2008 and was spread to the United Kingdom in 2010.

The benefits of Fish massage

People who have tried this would have experienced the results, but there are people who are unaware of the unique experience of fish massage. Other than a fish pedicure, you can also massage your skin, arms, and body with fish by placing them in the tank. More than in running water, tanks are effective. It is like an electrifying therapy where you feel like the nerve getting irritated,  sending extra signals. You will feel weird for the first time but it gives you a good feeling when you get used to it. 

It removes unwanted bacteria, dead skin and cures the infection. The fish is known for its healing properties and gives relief from dry skin. The fish massage helps in improving blood circulation and increases the flowing of blood. Moreover, the skin gets glowing and it helps in releasing the feel-good hormones and you will get relief from pressure and stress. After the fish pedicure, you will find your skin looking healthier, fresher, and brilliant. It promotes the growth of new cells, giving light skin radiant. The dark spots, itching, blemishes, and scar marks on the foot. If you have skin diseases like eczema, warts, calluses, and psoriasis. 

What are the risks of fish pedicure?

Sanitation is the main problem when coming to fish pedicures. If a person with skin disease has immersed his feet in the tank and fish feed on his infected skin, and when it feeds on another person, the chances of him getting infected are very high. So make sure the tank is cleaned and water is changed for you. It can also be a breeding ground for bacteria so do not try it if you have small cuts and wounds. Dead cells are not the primary food for these fishes and they will only eat dead cells from the feet when they are starred and so it might increase the risk of injury. 

Doctor fish

Be sure to examine your feet before and after the treatment to make sure that you do not have any cuts or wounds. Wash your feet well. Do not try if you have waxed or shaved your feet in the previous 24 hours and make sure not to try if you have diabetics, or if you are a patient suffering from hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV. 

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