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We follow routines related to beauty and skin to give a good look to our faces. But there is one simple thing that you should give attention to elevate your regular look. It is none other than the eyebrows. Eyebrow maintenance is important to clean up your face and makes you look refined and elegant. They are simply a filter against the dust and sweat keeping our eyes clean and clear. But apart from that, they have strong social importance for expressing emotionally and for facial recognition. But maintaining it can be tricky where you will find eyebrows that get destroyed when things go wrong. So you need to be careful when you maintain and shape your eyebrow

What is eyebrow maintenance? 

eyebrow maintenance

Eyebrow maintenance is about maintaining a consistent growth cycle, by filling them with the right products, enhancing the brow shape, and keeping the area of the brow healthy. When you maintain regularly you will have a youthful look, and beautifully groomed eyebrows are a lesser-known anti-aging secret. When you shape your eyebrows in the wrong way, it can make you appear, tired, angry, and aged. So maintenance includes the establishment of the right brow shape by examining the face and eye shape. 

How to grow eyebrows thicker? 

Some remedies can enhance the eyebrows naturally. 

Tweeze carefully

You should not tweeze too much, but it is ok to clean up stray hairs. Use sharp and precise tweezers and be careful with the existing hairs. Avoid tweezing in the bright and overhead light, because it can result in over-tweezing as you will see every hair.  Better to tweeze after a shower, when the hair is pliable and soft to avoid breakage. 

Use eyebrow growth Serum

You can make your eyebrow grow very faster by considering an eyebrow growth serum.  There are many serums for brow on the market that will help for the growth.

growth serum

 Coconut oil

This works as a conditioner as well as a moisturizer and helps in improving blood circulation. Coconut oil consists of fatty acids that work with natural proteins found in hair to protect it from breaking. Nutrients like vitamin E and iron are in coconut oil that promotes healthy and thick eyebrows.  You can apply coconut oil to your eyebrows. Apply it every day, by dibbing a cotton swab in the oil. Keep it overnight and rinse with a face wash in the morning.   

Onion juice

This contains a lot of od minerals, Vitamin B, and vitamin C that is good for hair growth. Faster and denser growth can be obtained by strengthening the hair follicles. Apply onion juice every alternate day. 

Egg yolk

The egg is a great source of protein and the hair of the eyebrows is made up of Keratin protein. Egg helps the growth of hair faster.   Beat the yolk until  OK you get a smooth consistency and apply your eyebrows using a q-tip or a brush, keeping in 20 minutes and rinsing with warm water.  Note that this can sometimes clog pores and lead to acne. 

How can I maintain my natural eyebrows?

If it is hard to get a perfect brow shape at home,  it is better to get a professional to work on your brows so you to maintain natural eyebrows. 

maintaining eyebrow

You should always keep the face shape in mind when your groom your eyebrows.  Remember that making your eyebrows too thin or too bold can make your face look large or small.  So be careful when you groom.

Take a thin-tooth soft comb and brush your eyebrows into place when you wake up in the morning or when you step out of your house.  You can spritz a little hairspray on your brows to keep them intact for a long time.

Your eyebrows grow, therefore rush your eyebrows every day to make them look neat. 

make sure that you don’t over-pluck your hair, instead remove the unwanted hair, and maintain thickness. Use an eyebrow trimmer and remove the hair that is grown out of line to maintain the shape according to your wish. 

Use castor oil on your brows and comb them every night for thick hair.  You can use aloe vera to help soothe any irritation to shape and promote shine. 

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