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One of the most common skin conditions most people experience is dry skin, which is a feeling of your skin being cracked, rough, or itchy. This is found to be usual with age, and equally common among people of all genders. For such people,  it is recommended to moisturize the skin to prevent dry skin.  But are you at a point where you think ‘Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?’  If you feel your skin is dry,  you reach out to your moisturizer, and then the problem is solved.  But no,  moisturizers help to get rid of dry skin but they are not always effective.

You may moisturize your skin regularly and still feel the skin is overly dry.  This can be frustrating but it is a common skin challenge.  There may be reasons why the skin feels dry after moisturizing.  So let us discuss the most common reasons you may be experiencing and how you can moisturize the right way to achieve a soft, healthy,  and youthful look. 

This section aims to cover the answer to your question Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? 

dry skin

Before moving on to find the reason why the skin feels dry after moisturizing, you need to know what is dry skin. There is the dehydrated skin which is different from the dry skin, as dehydrated skin is temporary, but dry skin is a long-lasting challenge that needs permanent care. You always won’t get the direct answer, but if you think about it, it will make sense. You cannot go on with an efficient treatment without taking the causes into consideration. So you need to go on with the symptoms, causes, and remedies for dry skin. 

Find out a good skincare routine for dry skin.

Why get a dry tight skin face?

Each person has a different type of skin,  including oily, combination,  sensitive, or normal skin types.  And depending on the look and feel you will come into one of the categories.  Most the people have mixed skin types, and so will feel greasy or oily on the nose, chin, and forehead,  while the rest of the skin  will be prone to dryness

When the skin loses water too quickly,  it gives a dry feeling.  It can happen for many reasons like using Harsh products,  Deodorant soaps,  and other products that remove the oil and fat from the skin.  Even if you take long hot showers, or live in a cold or dry place, it dries the skin.  So when the skin continues to lose water and cannot heal itself,  it will become excessively dry. 

Many get confused with dehydrated skin and dry skin.  These two words are used as similar words but they are not the same thing.  The dry skin cannot be changed,  and it is a condition featured by the lack of natural oil and is permanent. 

But dehydration occurs when the skin is lacking water.  This can happen to all the skin types including oily, and sensitive.  This happens mostly due to exposing out in the sun after consuming alcohol, as it eliminates the body water.  This can be cured by applying hydrating products or it will get hydrated from within. 

Symptoms of a dry tight skin face: 

Any type of skin can feel dryness the various reasons.  There are signs and symptoms of dry tight skin face that differ based on age, skin tone, the status of health, and the living environment.

Why is the skin dry even after moisturizing?

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

According to research, it was found that almost 24.9% suffer from dry skin conditions, and it is found that the issue increases with age. 

Each person will have a different skincare routine to handle their dry tight skin face, but in that, they end up with some skincare mistakes leading to skin dryness. 

So let us go through a few common mistakes you do to find out why the skin feels dry after moisturizing. 

Over cleansing or using harsh cleansers 

In every skincare routine, the most important part is cleansing. Washing the skin is important to remove dirt, bacteria, and dust. But are you doing it in the right way? When you over-cleanse, it can damage the skin. when you wash it excessively it will be a problem with the natural moisturizing factor and removes the oils and molecules.

It is equally important to pay attention to the properties and the ingredients that consist of the cleanser. Because some of the ingredients can cause dry skin. 

The skin produces oil called Sebum which keeps your skin supple and in good health.  And the skin type you have will determine how much sebum is produced by your skin.  But there are cleanses, that are designed to strip these oils from the skin.  This is good if you have oily skin,  but it will strip the good oil from your skin leaving the face tight and dried. 

Some cleansers will have a rough texture and there are a few ingredients that are used incorrectly, it will leave your face dried.  Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid,  alcohol,  and added synthetic fragrance can be too harsh for some people.  If you are feeling why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? look for these ingredients and try to switch to something more gentle.

Not enough exfoliation or over-exfoliation

In your skincare routine, exfoliation is a  necessity to maintain good healthy skin.  When we are aging,  the process of the skin regenerating and resurfacing slows down.  The skin will get to pile up with dead skin cells due to pollution and smoking and will not be able to fully absorb the products. 

So as a result,  the dead skin cells, pollution, and bacteria will accumulate on the surface of the skin over time. And this film cause dryness and flakiness.  When you exfoliate your skin regularly it will remove the irritants and improve the texture of your skin.  It is better to exfoliate twice a week and find a product that is gentle and proven to provide a smooth texture and improve the look of pores. 

On the other hand, over-exfoliating will Trigger the skin to get irritated.  The natural oil will be taken down from the skin and makes it super dry.  So although you moisturize it,  you will find a severe dryness. 


When your skin gets dehydrated, the elasticity of the skin will get lost and it will become prone to dryness.  This is because the outer layer of your skin is made up of 15 to 20 percent of water.  When your body becomes dehydrated,  it will begin to pull water from the skin to function. This can lead to dry tight face skin,  and you will find visible fine lines. So you need to increase intake of your water to improve skin hydration and elasticity.  

It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Most people can stay hydrated simply by drinking water and how much to drink is based on the regular exercise, health problems, and the environment you live in. 

You need to eat a balanced diet that contains the right nutrients.  The food that you eat should contain. Vitamin D, vitamin A, iron, and zinc. 

Moisturizing ingredients are not effective

skin feels dry after moisturizing

Why is my moisturizer drying my skin?

Most moisturizers will stay for a long time, but moisturizer can lose their effectiveness if it gets expired. Other than that, you need to keep the products away from sources like sunny windows and other heat sources. Or if you buy a product that misses a lid seal, it has the possibility of losing its effectiveness.

You are not applying it in the right way

In your skincare routine, moisturizer should be the second to last step. When you have your moisturizing process in the last step, you will be a bit lazy with your applications. If you think that your moisturizers are making dry tight face skin, then you need to see whether you are applying your moisturizer to your dry skin. 

Because when applying moisturizer, your skin should not be dry, instead has to be slightly damp. So make sure to splash some water on your skin and dab it using a towel gently. And then go to the step of moisturizing. If you apply moisturizer to dry skin, it will provide you with the opposite result. Applying it to the damp skin will allow the product the trap the moisture that sits in your skin. 

Moisturizing at the wrong time

Similar to knowing what product to use, it is always important to know when to use the product.  When you have a lot of products it will be hard for you to find out where to start and end.  When you are applying moisturizers,  consider it to apply twice a day, which is once you wake up and again before going to bed. 

While you sleep, the skin will regenerate and heals. before the skin begins the healing process at night, you need to apply the proper products to do it at its best. you should always finish off the skincare routine with your moisturizer and apply it gently by pressing it on your skin using your palms. moisturizer acts as the seal to hold in the rest of the benefits of the products. 

Cold and dry climates 

When you live in a cold climate and dry climate, it can be rough on your skin. This can dehydrate the skin by pulling off the moisture away from it. Also, the dry environments can cause dryness due to prolonged exposure to the sun. 


The skin type you have depends a lot on genetics. So depending on this, some people have dry tight skin face naturally while the others would have oily skin type. More than white people, black skin people are more likely to lose moisture from their skin. The most amount of skin moisture is lost by the Asian people. 

What is the right way to moisturize? 


Find the right moisturizer 

The first step you need to do in your skincare routine is understanding the skin type. If you find it out, then you can choose the right moisturizer depending on your type of skin. If you are dealing with severe dryness, find out products that are made to treat such conditions. Find ingredients that are highly effective in moisturizing your skin, like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and petroleum. 

Use the right amount of moisturizer

When your skin feels dry after moisturizing, you may try to apply more moisturizer to your skin. But the true fact is that applying more products will not work, as it can cause more problems such as clogged pores, and blackheads

Use a small amount of moisturizer on your ring finger and apply it to the forehead, chin, and forehead, and massage it gently. 

Use a serum

Serums are used as a solution for skin problems like dark spots, fine lines, and dullness. More than that they provide a great boost to the moisturizer. They act as a sponge and help to pull the moisturizer even deeper into the pores, so it works better and keeps the skin moisturized. 

Best moisturizer for dry skin

There are different types of moisturizers for dry skin. And the best moisturizer for the body and face are vegan, and plant-based products. The best product should contain no alcohol or other skin-irritating ingredients. So make sure that it does not contain any harsh ingredients. 

If need to focus on the ingredients that help to relieve the dry skin. More than lotions, it is best to go with creams and oils for dry skin, as they are thicker and will hydrate the skin more. 

The product should have mermaids and other lipid-based formulations. Make sure that it contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin to prevent the skin from losing oils. 

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