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curly hair

Curly hair has a unique beauty and it is special.  It is important to understand the fact that naturally, curly hair is awesome.  Although we live in a world where most of them prefer blown-out waves, sleek, and pin-straight hairstyles considering them the top hair looks,  there are so many other reasons why natural hair is attractive.  Curly hair is wildly prone to frizz curls, so some girls will not want to have them, and they’ll want to have straight and shiny hair. But believe it or not, you can still rock with your natural look.

If you discover the great benefits of having curly hair then you will realize its greatness. Before attending your hair relaxing appointments, or trying to straighten your hair, just have a look here. 

What are the benefits of having curly hair? 

Curly hair is versatile and is never dull. You can wear your curly hairstyle with whatever hairstyle you want. It gives you a good look even with accessories like ribbons, headbands, hats, scarves, and caps. Hairstyles like buns, braids, or ponytails go easily with this type of hair. There is no need for a blow dryer or a curling iron to fix your hair, instead if you maintain it properly, it will look awesome. 

curly hair benefits

Curly hair is a blessing, as it needs low maintenance. It is something hard to always wash your hair and blow them dry whenever you need to leave the house. But girls with curly hair can save time and money. This hair will not look flat and dull even after it is washed all the time. There is no need to put different hair products to set your hair, just leave it to dry and it will set within minutes. 

Even if your hair is thin, it will still look big with great volume, unlike straight hair which looks flat and is hard to achieve the volume and body. So girls with curly hair need not work hard for these issues. It is moreover a unique hair type that makes you different and guarantees your type of curl. 

What are the types of curly hair?

It is easy to say if one has straight hair, but it is hard to say the type of wavy and curly hair. This can be grouped into straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Your type of hair decides the type of product you should use. If you have major curls, you can go with heavy-hitting curl products. On the other hand, if you got fine waves, you can use stuff that is light. 

Wavy hair is a type of curl, that falls between straight and curly. This lays flat and straight at the roots and forms loops when it goes down. They follow an S-shaped pattern. This is less shiny than straight hair but it reflects light and is prone to frizz. 

wavy hair

The next type is curly hair. It is defined well, springy, and forms perfect ringlets. The volume will be in tons from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair. The curls are a barrier to the natural oils and tend to be dry moreover the curls will be distributed down the length of the hair. They will have excessive frizz and so needs a good hair routine to prevent them from looking dull and lifeless.

Coily hair also called kinky hair is fine-textured hair and refers to being tightly coiled. They are packed in the scalp and are in high volume. It has only the fewest cuticle layers to protect it from dryness. This is in a zig-zag pattern, in spongy texture. 

coily hair

Is curly hair attractive?

Curly hair is definitely not boring. Girls with curly hair will be noticed no matter where they are. Curls give more depth and are voluminous even if you have thin hair, so it helps give a great look. It is unique and distinctive, so that makes your hair much more special. 

This is attractive because it is easy to switch your styles. This is not too stubborn so it will hold the styles easily. No matter whether your hair is short, medium, or long, it will look fabulous and can be experimented with more easily than other types of hair. You can wear your wavy hair with little effort and look fabulous. 

Is curly hair rare? 

Curly hair is believed to be a rare hair type, but it is estimated that 65 percent of women have naturally curly and wavy hair. Curly hair from birth is rare, and it is not that common. But hair can become naturally curly later in life. 

How do you get curly hair?

You can curl your hair naturally without using heat. 

One of the easiest ways to have loose waves is by braiding your hair at night and sleeping with it. And when you wake up in the morning, remove your braids and apply smooth hair oil to get your frizzy hair. 


You can curl using an old T-shirt. This might be strange but it really works. Twist a t-shirt into a roller shape and tie the ends together to create a halo. Put the halo on top of your head and wrap pieces of hair around the halo and pin it. Leave it the same overnight and remove it in the morning to get a soft and bouncy curl. 

Take a good old headband and a texturing product. Wear the headband and dampen your locks with the spray. Twist the pieces of your hair and tuck them into the headband. Add more dampness to the updo and wait for hours overnight to completely dry. 

You can curl using your french twist technique to achieve waves. Twist the sections of your hair over each other and gather them into little buns. Leave the twist braids for six hours and then gently pull them out to get the look.

How do you maintain curly hair?

Curly hair lacks moisture and will dry out easily. It is important to maintain your curls in order to prevent them from getting rough. To add more shine and glow to your natural curls, you can use consider a few tips to keep them healthy. Focus on some products that will help you to give shine and moisture to your hair. 

There are two different types of products that you can use for better curly hair.

Haircare products

Haircare products will help in maintaining your curly hair effectively, this will include shampoos, conditioners, oil, hair creams, and various others to give a shiny and healthy glow to the hair. When I was searching for products to maintain my curly hair, I got suggestions from my friends to use Curlsmith – Transition Kit. I bought this product from Amazon and it worked well for me. Check this product on Amazon.


Every curl is different, with different curl patterns, textures, and types. Brushes for curly hair help to maintain and style. The brushes help in preventing frizz and breakage, so your curly hair will look healthy. I brought a set of brushes that comes with hair clips from Amazon and it helps me well in maintaining my hair. If you are interested check this product on Amazon

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