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Maybe you follow a skincare routine, to keep glowing skin, but at the worst times, you see the occurrence of blackheads, which is a very common issue among individuals while being annoying. They are raised tiny bumps black in color, known as the mild type of acne, that occur due to the oil and sebum settling and blocking the pores in the skin. When this gets exposed to air, it turns black forming blackheads. You can see this on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead while also can appear on the other parts of the body. Here are some really good home remedies, that can help to decrease them. 

Before looking at the home remedies, let’s see how we can prevent them. Because prevention is the best thing to do to get rid of blackheads, instead of curing them after we getting.

How to prevent blackheads?

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Your face should be cleaned and free from dirt. So always make sure to wash your face, once you wake up, before going to bed, after sweating. Also, remember to wash your face before and after doing workouts, because when you do not wash your face before the workout, the dirt that is already stuck to your skin will combine with the sweat you get after exercising, and this will make your skin worse. Remove makeup especially before going to bed. 

Do not wash your face throughout the day, because overwash will give you more blackheads by removing the natural oils and oil glands that produce oils. 

Be hygiene by cleaning the things you have direct contact with the face, such as pillows, towels, and bedsheets. Because the dirt that is in these things can cause blackheads when it contacts the face. Avoid using alcohol-free products and wash your oily hair with shampoos regularly. 

Never try to pick or pop blackheads because this can spread the bacteria and even scar your skin. Also do not use any pointed tools or tweezers to remove them because you might end up injuring yourself. 

Exfoliation is recommended to get rid of blackheads, but harsh or abusive ingredients will cause damage to the skin while making it dry. So for exfoliation, you can use natural gentle scrubs, instead of using products. 

Home remedies for blackheads

Exfoliate your face

You can use brown sugar and honey to get rid of blackheads that appear on the nose and the chin. Brown sugar cleanses deeply by removing dead cells and excess oil from the skin surface,  while honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and kills the germs that clog open pores.  Mix both the brown sugar and honey and apply it to the face gently in a circular motion, avoiding the eyes and mouth areas.  Keep scrubbing for 2 to 3 minutes and wash with warm water.  Make sure to pat the face with a clean towel. 

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Steaming is the most relaxing and easiest way to get rid of blackheads.  So before using a facial scrub it will be effective to steam so that it opens the pores and make the blackheads remove easily by softening the skin. 

Pore strips

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The combination of milk and honey is a good pore strip as milk has lactic acid and calcium that removes dead skin cells and so when combine with honey that has antibacterial properties, it would work effectively to reduce blackheads. Heat the milk and honey for 10 seconds by mixing them and cool them down for some time and apply it over your blackheads. Place a clean cotton strip on top of it and rest for 15 minutes. Gently peel the cotton strip and rinse it and apply moisturizer. 


Natural facemasks are an easy and effective method to reduce them.  They are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals benefiting the skin. Moreover, it is mostly safe to use. Use a paper towel or a tissue, so that it acts as a sheet while egg white hardens while providing all the effective benefits. Whisk one egg white and apply to the skin and then layer the paper towel or tissue over the face and apply another layer of egg white. Keep it for 20 minutes and simply peel it off. 

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