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We girls love our hair and skin so we explore new different ways to keep them perfect. Women no matter what age, position, and success they have reached, will be conscious of their beauty and will seek opinions. Finding beauty truths is a universal thing and it will be always comforting to know that it is not only you who is trying to get rid of skin and other beauty problems like skin damage, acne, breakouts, and hair damage. There are so many opinions and perspectives people have around the world, but there are also a few beauty truths that are less discussed. 

Beauty truths

So let’s see the exact beauty truths every girl should know. 

Beauty truths and tips

Here are a few skin and hair tips and truths. 

Skincare is not just for the face

When it comes to the skincare routine, we always give our main and only attention to our face. You need to take care of the skin of your body because it is more important for your health than just your appearance. So that you need to have a well-thought skincare routine.  Skincare will be combined with oral care and hair care and doing them will help you to motivate to eat better and exercise.  It is a well-known fact that you will feel better and more confident when you have a better look. 

Therefore you need to have a daily skincare routine to make you the best when you go out into the world.  Prevention is better than fixing a problem so when it comes to skincare,  do things like washing your face and body,  wearing sunscreen, and using a good moisturizer. 

Makeup can be good


Makeup is seen as a negative part by most and there are many misconceptions.  But the fact is when you go out of the house during the day, you will be exposed to harmful UV rays. So when you go out with makeup,  it will actually protect your skin.  Because the product will contain some ingredients so that the rays will not directly hit your skin. 

For example,  the foundation you use will contain Titanium dioxide a form of SPF. Even though it is in a minimal amount it will still protect you from the rays. It doesn’t mean that you have to always go with your usual sunscreen for the foundation. And moreover, you can find plenty of makeup formulas that contain ingredients to help in anti-aging and hydration. 

Use skincare ingredients at the best time

There is a beauty myth saying that skincare ingredients will work better at night because the skin will repair itself when you are at rest.  But the beauty truth is the skin repairs during the daylight when we are active than when we are at rest. 

The best time for the skin of the body to heal use during the day when our bodies are in motion.  It helps to stimulate oxygen and renews cell and blood flow along with other body functions. Your skin will get benefited from a wide variety of ingredients and it will not keep track of what time of day it is.  So use products and ingredients that work best for your routine. 

Popping a pimple in the right way


It is a myth that says do not pop your pimple. But the actual truth is if you pop your pimple in the right way, it will go away faster.  This can be done safely without wounding your skin and it will release pressure inside the field pimple and will let the skin-damaging substance free.  It is true that you can damage your skin if you do not pop your pimple with utmost care. 

You need to give time for the task to be done on finding when the blemish is ready to be released.  If you notice,  a whitehead on the surface and the zit begins to look slightly swollen, then it is the right time. So be gentle to get rid of it. 

Stretching your skin makes you look aged

You might have received advice to apply face creams in an upward massaging motion to prevent sagging.  But whenever you move your skin up or down you are stretching the collagen and the elasticity of the skin which supports fiber resulting mean premature sagging.  The more you move your skin the more it will get stressed and broken. The skin is naturally pulled down by gravity and age, so if you move the skin more, then the process will get faster and quicker making you look aged. 

Gentle handling for your hair


Your hair too needs gentle handling. So do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Because it can rough the cuticle and result in frizzy hair. Instead of rubbing, twist your hair and remove the water and then blot with a towel to protect the cuticle. This will also prevent your hair from breakages. Use an old t-shirt or a paper towel to blot water. 

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