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Welcome to the lovely Wednesday, and we hope to give you the best possible tips for you to experience an effective beauty care lifestyle. We girls face so many beauty issues in our bodies and try finding quick times and easy methods to solve them. And so some beauty hacks can be adapted accordingly to each problem.

Beauty Hacks to remove Blackheads

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The first beauty hack is to remove blackheads in the nose. This is a small and dark blemish and is in a mild type that is caused by the reaction of the oxygen with the production of sebum.  If this is not treated, it can make the pores, reddened or swollen. 

Use a nontoxic PVA glue and activated charcoal should be mixed and apply to the nose, keep it for 15 minutes and peel it off and rinse the face.  PVA glue dries into a peel-able layer and wipes it off. Charcoal pulls out the impurities from the deep skin and unclogs the pores.  They are the blackheads are pulled out of the surface.  The ability to stick faster of the glue and charcoal creates toxins and removes blackheads.

Beauty hacks for dark underarms

Dark underarms are not a serious issue, but some people find it uncomfortable and embarrassing.  So that they don’t prefer wearing sleeveless clothes. The skin color is determined by some pigment cells and when these cells increase it turns the color into the dark. To give an equal shade of color to the underarms, good care should be taken.

The potato should be grated and make a juice of it and apply it to the underarms and rinse it after 10 minutes with cool water. To have a more effective result, try it twice a day.  The potato is a natural bleach and is an antioxidant it has an enzyme called catecholase that restores the even color.

Lemon is also another way to remove dark from underarms because it has the acid to remove dead cells. Cut the lemon into thick slices and rub them under the arm and rains it after 10 minutes and rinse it after 10 minutes. After it is dried apply a moisturizer. The lemon consists of high acidity therefore a moisturizer is essential to prevent and dry skin irritation.

Beauty hacks for removing hair

Hair in the Body is important, but excessive hair may cause unhygienic impacts, by sweating more.  Many products and razors are used to remove the hair in the body. But other than there are hacks to remove it with simple natural products at home. 

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Squash a raw papaya to make it into a juicy pulp and add 2 tablespoons of turmeric and make a mixture.  Apply it over the body for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash it. The enzyme in the papaya reduces hair growth in the body and turmeric consists of antioxidants that fight with the bacteria. 

Beauty hacks for nails

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Nails are an important part in our body, it is usually white, but sometimes they get discolored or get stained easily.  This too causes embarrassment because it creates a feeling of unhygienic. To whiten the nail, white vinegar and lemon are effective ingredients. Squeeze the lemon and mix it with vinegar and soak the nails into the liquid for a couple of minutes and wipe it with a cotton ball.  And then spray some water.

It is effective if done once a week.  White Vinegar is used to get rid of stains from hard particles with its mild acid. Also, it softens the cuticle and removes excess oil.

Beauty Hacks for tongue

White tongue is a sign of poor brushing, dehydration, smoking, and breathing through the mouth.  Due to such reasons, the bacteria, fungi, and dirt are trapped between the enlarged Papillae turning the tongue white in color.  If the tongue is clean, it freshens the breath, prevents cavities, and improves the sensitivity of the taste.

To prevent the whitening of the tongue, sprinkle some salt on the tongue and brush it lightly for a minute.  Rinse and repeat it twice a day.  Is salt is used because it removes the contamination and the cells that are dead in the tongue. 

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