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Are you following bad skin habits? Are you sure you don’t follow them? Then check it in this blog.

Most of us wish to have good skin and look young. To look young and good, most of us go with a routine of washing our face early in the morning, cleansing, moisturizing, and applying creams. But still, you might feel like getting wrinkles, lines, and aged looks. It may disappoint you to continue your skincare routine, but the problem is not with your skincare routine but it might be because of the simple mistakes in your skin habits. Read below to find out the skin habits that give you an aged look.

Bad Skin habits

Too often facial scrubs

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Scrubbing is good for the skin as it exfoliates and cleanses the face and is recognized to be an effective skincare procedure to remove dead skin cells while revealing smooth skin. But what you should keep in mind is how often you should scrub. When you scrub too much it will show signs of dryness, stinging sensations, flakiness, and redness.

A proper exfoliation depends on the skin type you have, whereas for oily skins it should be 4 to 5 times a week, for normal skin 3 times a week for sensitive skin, it should be twice a week. There are facial scrubs containing ground seeds and shells that should be strictly avoided as the sharp edges can harm your skin. Some use sugar scrubs which are harsh in nature so chemical-based facial scrubs are better to scrub your face.

Drying your face with the towel

When you wash your face, you need to dry it. Mostly towels are used to dry the face. But when you use rough towels and rub your face, it will irritate and will inflame the poor pimples in the face and forces the bacteria deep into the pores. Instead of rubbing the face, pat your face and let air dry it. Make sure to use an organic cotton towel that’s gentle. Moreover, remember to change it regularly because the moist and damp in those towels can be the grounds to breed for infections caused by staph bacteria.

Using the same pillowcases and bedsheets

Pillowcases and bedsheets can cause acne and pimples and so when you don’t change it, your sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells get accumulated and will make your skin worse. Try changing them regularly or at least once a week to avoid such problems.

Sleeping with loose hair

Bad skin habits

Your hair might contain dirt and grease and this can damage your skin while also the natural oils and chemicals included in the products you use for the hair such as shampoos and conditioners can affect the skin when this potent mix touches your face by seeping into the pores and causing breakouts. Therefore when you sleep, tie your hair with a loose ponytail or tied your hair loosely with a scarf to prevent falling of hair to the face.

Eating improper food

The most common mistake we do is caring for the skin externally but internal care for the skin is never provided. We follow all the healthy skincare routines and end up eating unhealthy foods that are really bad for the skin. Choose and eat proper food for healthy skin. Consuming tomatoes will protect you from sun UV rays and carrots act as a substitute for sunbathing. Broccoli reduces swelling and redness after sun exposure. Fatty fish is a source of omega 3 fatty acids that keep the skin moisturized while dark chocolates act as a sunscreen and make skin thicker and hydrated.

Using only anti-wrinkle creams

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Using anti-wrinkle creams helps you to look younger, reduces skin wrinkles while protecting against flakes. But if you think that using these creams is more than enough to avoid an aged look, then you are wrong. You need to moisturize on regular basis to prevent it, as prevention is the best medicine against the aging of the skin. And avoiding the sun is a good way but it is impossible so use sunscreen in SPF 30 or higher to prevent.

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