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Most of us have come across a bad skin day, especially at the worst possible times. Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with a bad skin day at a wedding or job interview. What is a bad skin day? You’ll feel your skin appear dull and flaky with breakouts. When you wanted to take a picture of yourself, the skin will ruin it as possible. You do not need to go on with a bad skin day and let your skin be captured at its worst. There are a number of skin care tips that helps you to get rid of a bad skin day. 

It will help to boost your complexion when you need it most and to get clean skin overnight, you can find some useful tips in this section. Give the tips a try to get the best skin as soon as possible. 

What is a bad skin day? 

What is a bad skin day? 

On a bad skin day, some people experience irritation, breakouts, redness, sensitivity, dryness, or all of the above. It is really important to recognize that the skin is a complex organ and can be affected by many external and internal factors. 

Why bad skin day occurs? It can be due to many reasons, like hormonal changes, usage of many skincare products, wrong diet, stress, and dust, pollution. Other than that, when you have been so exhausted from work that you have skipped washing your face before bed for many days in a row. So you would have woke up with puffy eyes, a dull-looking complexion, and dark circles

How to get rid of bad skin days? 

Cleanse your face

The skin sheds 40,000 cells a minute and the face has 20,000 pores, which means you have 20,000 places that can get clogged with all those dead cells, dirt, makeup, and oil. And this is why you face a bad skin day. So the best start to get rid of it is through cleansing your face with water. Choose the right type of cleansing option by thinking about your skin type. If you forget to cleanse it the night before then do it right in the morning. It changes the surface of the skin by removing unnecessary things. 

Apply the cleanser and massage for around 30 to 60 seconds. Add a small amount of water and keep massaging. And rinse it thoroughly. 

Remove the dullness

You can give a quick refining boost if your skin is looking tired and dull. This can be done by exfoliating the skin. When you do this, the dead skin cells from the surface will get removed and will make you look young and bright. Do not use physical exfoliants like scrubs as they can be too harsh on the skin. Exfoliation removes the leftover cellular build-up and improves skin texture, improves moisture absorptions, and soothes hyperpigmentation.

Use exfoliators like glycolic acid, and lactic acid. Add the liquid to a cotton round and wipe the face gently for 30 to 60 seconds.

Sheet mask before bed

Sheet mask before bed

Bad skin can be dull looking when there is a lack of moisture. You can use hyaluronic acid to add some extra hydration, as it draws moisture to the skin and attracts more water directly to the skin. Look for water-based serums and apply the hyaluronic acid serum before applying creams, oils, or SPF. Always apply water-based products before oil-based ones.

Sheet masks are great for hydrating skin. So before going to sleep, use sheet masks.

Face mask

You can use a face mask for 10 to 15 minutes. Trying a face mask can purify the pores and boost shine if your face has excess oil. Or you can try a face mask that illuminates your complexion if your skin is looking dull and drab.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

To achieve radiant skin, use vitamin C. this removes the dark spots and improves skin tone. Apply and massage around the eye area for great skin. It is better if it is a bright eye cream with vitamin C, as it brightens the dark under-eye circles, decreases under-eye puffiness, and helps to improve lymphatic drainage.

Prevent a bad skin day

Avoid makeup

When you have a bad skin day, avoid makeup altogether. Use products that are appropriate and the ones that allow the skin to breathe. If you are experiencing acne or greasy skin, use Noncomedogenic or oil-free products, while if you have dry skin, use more oil-based products. 

Clean brushes

Clean brushes

If bacteria get built up, it can causes spots. The most common thing that comes in contact with our skin is makeup brushes. They can pick up all sorts of bacteria and transfer them directly to the skin. So make sure to clean the makeup brushes at least once a week and ensure that the possibilities of transferring bacteria to your skin are less. 

Remove your make up

If the makeup is left on overnight, the bacteria is likely to develop and our pores are less able to breathe. And you will end up waking with bad skin. As the skin goes through a regeneration process at night, it is important to ensure that there is no makeup left on the face. 

Avoid salty foods

Avoid it especially in the evening as it can lead to puffiness. This will make you look tired. You can use a de-puffing gel to take down the swelling. 

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