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When you enter a certain age, you’ll start noticing some signs of aging. They may appear slowly and softly but for some, they will appear faster and your aged skin can be clear skin. This is not pleasant to hear right? We all love looking good and young? How many of you love listening to someone giving a compliment on your young look even after entering a certain age? How would you feel when someone suddenly says that you look aged? The whole day would be disturbed, and we would go in front of the mirror a number of times looking at our skin, wondering what to do.

Exposure to continuous UV rays of the sun, food containing sugar, smoking, stress, genetics, and lack of sleep are the causes of the aged look skin. When you start treating them then you will be able to slow down your aging skin.

The skin would look with wrinkles, dullness, fine lines, and pore size. We are here to help you restore and maintain the skin and to look young. Following an anti-aging routine will help you to do that and here are some essential anti-aging steps that you can try to prevent aging of your skin as a defense.

Anti-aging skin routine  

Morning routine

It is important to cleanse your face well. The skin is exposed to pollutants, bacteria, dust, and oils, therefore it is important to wash your face well. Moreover, dead skin cells shed at night can be removed in the morning by a cleansing. The cleanser should be gentle and it should prevent your skin from dehydration and damage. A cleanser consisting of low pH will be better.

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After going through a thorough cleansing, you can apply the antioxidant serum. A serum consist of Vitamin C helps to brighten the complexion and promotes an even skin tone. And antioxidants with ingredients of fighting sun damage can provide you with good glowing skin.

Then moisturize the skin well. You can use a moisturizer with hydrating skin ingredients and antioxidants like vitamin E, which gives lightweight protection to the skin. The moisturizer will help the skin from the damage that is occurred through pollutions and enhances the complexion. When you do this, you can even skip your makeup as your skin will already give a glow.

Sun is one of the major cause that shows the sign of visible skins because the UV rays cause wrinkles and pigmentation patches. Therefore applying sun protection will give your skin a young look. This will help to fade away the age spots, flattens the wrinkles, and have skin texture gets improved. You can also use a moisturizer containing sunscreen that will hydrate the skin. You can protect your skin from the sun by wearing a sunglass, hat and avoiding going out in the middle of the day.

Night routine    

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Remember to cleanse your face to remove your makeup and various other impurities and this is an important part of your anti-aging skincare routine. Choose a less irritating cleanser and then you can exfoliate your skin to get a polished look.

And then again use a moisturizer that includes retinol to increase the skin cell turnover. This will help to refine and improves the skin. You can use ointment creams to apply in the lips and eyes and gives moisture to the skin areas that cause cracks and dryness.

Use a nourishing body treatment for your body. Never neglect your neck, hands, and chest to prevent wrinkles, cracks, and dryness.

A simple piece of advice is that never rub and scrub strongly that will make your skin worst and avoid pressing your face against the pillow to avoid permanent wrinkles.

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