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Welcome to the Lovely Wednesday and we are glad in providing tips for a skin condition that is faced by many in the world. Acne which is a condition of the skin occurring due to the skin pores getting blocked with dead skin cells and oil is a common problem. This occurs at the worst time and many find it as the main issue. Acne-prone is caused by the inflamed and infected sebaceous glands and known as a non-contagious skin condition. This is formed in the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. 

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Causes for acne-prone skin

Acne-Prone can be in types of light, moderate, and even severe. If you are looking for an easy way to control acne as an addition to the lifestyle, then find it out below.

This is mostly caused by inappropriate skincare, genetics, hormones, smoking, stress, and even medications. Genetically it is caused by parents if they have resulted in acne-prone skin type. And genes determine the skin type that is reactive to inflammation and acne.  When the sebaceous glands develop and the sebum is stimulated with overproduction in those glands, it creates acnes. 

This is why during puberty, the sebum is overproduced and it causes acne.  And this is increased even during the time of menstruation. Acne-prone is also due to the consumption of high fats, sugar, and dairy products.  The hormones used in the cows unbalances the hormones of people and triggers acne.  Smoking worsens acne by causing oxidative stress to the skin and alters the consumption of Sebum. Other than that stress, harsh products, soap cleansers, and hot water can also end up in acne. 

Using products is an efficient way to cure acne-prone, but along with that, have the practice to carry out a careful cleansing and skincare routine in their lifestyle. 

Skincare routine to keep acne-prone skin in control.

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