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When we decide to bring a pet home, the most popular pets that come to our minds are cats, dogs, birds, and fish. Because these are the most common choices.  But some try something unique and look for exotic animals to keep as pets.  You can find the unexpected animals that are kept as pets.  But if you are such a person and wanted to have a low-maintenance exotic pet, then Tarantulas will make it perfect. 

You may wonder how can spiders make good pets. Spiders are creepy and weird animals but when it comes to pets, Tarantulas make a wonderful option. There is no need to give a large space instead a small space is more than enough. They are not suitable to handle but fun to observe and it will be more like a hobby to have a collection of them. When you want to handle them, you should do it properly if not it can cause issues. 

If you want to adopt one, then you need to know about having them, before bringing them home.

What are tarantulas? 

Tarantula spiders are isolated creatures and are very quiet. They grow in a size of about 5 to 8 inches. They move slowly and are generally obedient and that is why some people allow the spiders to walk on their bodies. But if they feel threatened they might bite which is venomous. They have tiny barbed hairs and they will release them when they feel threatened.  

Tarantula maintenance.

They might look scary but they are calm and straightforward to maintain. They won’t easily fall sick, even if you forget to take care of them. 

They live for a very long period, and their lifespan will vary according to the species you buy. But most of them will live for about 15 to 20 years. It is very durable and it copes with any environment. Your pet will stay in good shape even if you go out somewhere for a week or two.  

How to maintain? 

They are fairly straightforward to maintain and they are a good choice for people and they suit people who want quiet animals. You need to spend a few hours each week cleaning and feeding them. They will spend a lot of time in a restful state but it is generally active when it hunts the prey. 

There is no need to spend extra money or extra food because they only need less space and attention. 


You need a comfortable enclosure for pets, and this depends on the species you chose.  But there is no need for a large enclosure to keep. They need a secure lid to the enclosure and the lid needs ventilation. 

Tarantula space

The length of the enclosure should be 3 times the leg of the spiders and the width should be roughly double its leg span. The height should be the same as the spider’s leg span. 

It needs a place to hide, like cork bark, clay flowerpot on its side, or a half hollow log. They should be kept out of direct sunlight and there is no need for heat lamps or bright lights. 

Clean the enclosure and remove the uneaten food after 24 hours. Every four to six months, do a full cleaning of the enclosure. 


Tarantula too needs physical activity to keep themselves healthy and in good weight.  There is no need for many exercises, but they need an enclosure that allows them to move and climb. 

Make sure that their enclosure is at a proper humidity keep alive pray away from them while they a molt which is grooming themselves. 


They don’t need any expensive foods because they can even survive for weeks and months with no food.  We have a very slow metabolism and gets rarely hungry.  They are easy to feed because they need food only about once a week. 

tarantula food

But the diet needs to be considered especially at the time of the growth and molting.  Feed them with crickets,  mealworms, super worms, and roaches.  The Cricket should be fed with nutritious food because what goes into the cricket is what feeds the  Tarantula.  Remember that the size of the food should be smaller than the body of the tarantula. 

Feed them in the evening when the spider is more active.  Consult a veterinarian for the quantity and variety based on the size, age, and species. Provide them with a small dish of fresh water and make sure that it is shallow so that the spider will not drown.  Play some pebbles in the dish for the spider to climb when needed. 

Things to consider

They are not suitable to handle because they can bite and cause irritation. If the hair of the spider gets into human eyes it can be swelling and causes serious eye-related problems.  So do not rub your eyes after handling a tarantula and wash your hands after every time you touch it. 

handling tarantula

 Although they do not want much attention, you need to consider a few things.  If you keep the enclosure in height there are chances for them to fall and cause critical or fatal injuries.  They might require extra attention in humidity levels and if they are not high enough they may suffer from dehydration.  If you fail to feed them during their growth process it will cause various health problems.  During the molting period,  if you feed them more than they want it can result in death.

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