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No matter what,  dogs are adorable and cute. Amond them the Pomeranian dog is popular for its cute nature. They look like little furballs. And they will melt your heart at the first sight. Many people like to own Pomeranians for their cute looks. This breed is popular because even Queen Victoria owned one. She visited Florence, Italy, and returned with several Pomeranians. You may be interested in owning one, but will it suit first-time owners? Before bringing one home, you need to know about this breed on how to take care of it, the pros and cons of owning them, and its behavior. 

They make wonderful family pets and they make great companions. Before bringing one, you need to give it time to adjust to the surroundings and to get along with people at home. This dog needs more attention and so you need to provide the right kind of care and training. 

What are Pomeranians? 

They are one of the blessed dogs who are cute breeds having almond-shaped Eyes, adorable smiles,  Fox like faces, plumed tails, and pricked ears.  They are recognized easily by the luxuriant fluffy coat, with fairly square body shape and fluffy tail curls.  They come in wonderful colors and rich red is commonly associated with the breed.  You can find black to White to sable and shades in between.

They are 7 to 12 inches tall and will weigh 3 to 7 pounds. Because of this super small size, the owners will find it convenient and it is great for first-time owners. You can carry them around and take walks and drive without any problem. 

History of Pomeranians

history of Pomeranians

This breed was developed in the province of Pomerania from the ancient Spitz breeds of the northern countries.  They were popular breeds and even theologian  Martin Luther had a Pom.   In 1761,  the Pomeranians were moved to England when the princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz married an English Prince who was to become King George II.  So that they were popular in Royal circles and didn’t catch on with the public. 

Queen Victoria bred more than 15 different breeds of dogs and she was especially fond of  Pomeranians because she fell in love with the stable Pom who weighed only 12 pounds.  This inspired many to begin breading even small poms.  From 1900 to the 1930s The Breed standard was stabilized and the size came to present weight and coat.

Behavior of dogs

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They are smart and love meeting new people and getting along with animals.  Pomeranians are alert and excellent watchdogs who will back at any time out of ordinary.  So you need to teach them to stop barking on command they might go on doing it the whole day.  They need early socialization and exposure to many different people, sounds, experiences, and sights.  Invite visitors over regularly and take them into busy parks and stores to meet neighbors so that he will polish his social skills. 

They are active little dogs who need daily exercise or at least a walk around the block.  They are intelligent and will be obedient. 

How do you take care of them? 


¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry food a day divided into two meals is recommended and this depends on the size of your dog, age, and the activity level. Rich and wholesome foods are needed for the health of your dog. Go with an excellent brand, and make sure that the food contains essential nutrients to help its lifestyle. 

pomeranian dogs


This dog is best for people who live in apartments and people who have no fenced yard because it is active indoors. They will enjoy short daily walks and playtimes. They love playing and at the same time they can get easily bored, so you need to provide them with plenty of toys, especially toys that challenge them. They are small and sensitive to heat, so keep them in mind when taking them for long walks. 

Poms love trick training and enjoy learning new things. Moreover, they like to be the center of attention and so to bond with them easily you can teach them tricks and provide them with exercises and mental stimulation.  


You need to give extra attention when you groom the Pomeranian.  Because they have long, thick and dense coats. You need to groom them at least three to four times. Start grooming your puppy when they are 6 to 7 weeks old.  Use a metal brush or bristle comb to ensure that the coat doesn’t get tangles or mattes. When combing start from the top and work the way down to distribute the natural oils evenly. 

You can give them occasional trimming now and then. Give them a bath and simply wipe down their body using a very soft washcloth with warm water.  When you give a bath, the dog will get used to human touching and handling. Then give them a bath at least once a month using high-quality shampoo containing aloe vera or vitamin E. Trim the nails and clean the eyes, nose, and ears with nail clippers of Prom. 

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