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Welcome to Predatory Thursday. Today we are going to look at the facts of the largest bird in the world. Isn’t it interesting to know about the ostrich which is one of the fastest running birds? It is a bird that lives in Africa and is known as a flightless bird. Although they don’t fly they are powerful and strong birds that can defend themselves and even have the capability of killing a human or a lion by kicking with its thin legs. Let’s go deep into more interesting facts about ostrich on their appearance diet, reproduction, and threats.

Facts on Ostrich

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Ostrich is scientifically known as struthis Camelus, lives in drylands like Savannah, desert places, and Woodlands. They are black, white, and brown in color with a  huge body, small head, bare thighs, brown eyes, Shaggy feathers, and thick lashes. They have no teeth and have three stomachs. They grow up to 9 feet (2.75m) and weigh about 330 pounds.  The female ostrich is smaller when compared to the male ostrich. It is the only bird that has two toes in each of its feet with sharp claws.  It is a strong runner and can run a distance of 31 miles within an hour.  The male ostrich is known as Cocks and the female ostrich is known as hens. 

Ostrich is an omnivorous bird, which eats both vegetarian and meat including plants, roots, seeds, leaves, insects, snakes, lizards, and locusts.  They lack teeth and so they grind and crush their food by swallowing sand and pebble stones before entering into the stomach.   They obtained water from the plants they eat and through the moisture contained in insects and roots and so it is sufficient for the survival of the ostrich for a long time without drinking water.  But they enjoy drinking liquid water.

Ostrich has thin legs but it helps them to have greater speed when running and they even fight with your legs by kicking forward.  This can cause really a strong force that can kill a lion.  They use their wings to change direction when running faster.   It has the largest eyes which are helpful to Vision long distance and can be alert of predators. The birds lie lower and press their long neck to the ground to be less visible to be defensive.  Ostrich is used for races and the people sit on the back of the ostrich because of its speed.  And it is believed that the civilizations and cultures have inspired by ostriches for 5000 years in Egypt.

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The birds flock together to form 10 ostriches and it consists of the dominant male and female.  The males bow and flap the wings to attract the female ostrich and when they are ready to mate they change their colors. Eggs of all the ostrich in the herd will be placed in the nest that belongs to the dominant female ostrich.  A large number of eggs, nearly 60 will be held in the nest, and both the male and female will sit on the egg to hatch.  It will take nearly 42 to 46 days for the eggs to hatch.  And both females and males will take care of their chicks which grow within 6 months.

The lifespan of an ostrich is said to be from 40 to 75 years. They are used for meat and their skin is utilized to make leathers. In the last 200 years, the population of the ostrich is said to be declining drastically but the subspecies are not endangered.  But it is important to save them from threats.

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