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Octopuses known as the monsters of the deep are uniquely recognized as sea animals for their eight long arms and are mostly known for living faster and die when they are young. They have rounded bodies, bulging eyes, and lives in warm, tropical waters. They are scientifically known as Octopus Vulgaris growing up to 12 to 36 inches and weighing from 6.6 to 21 pounds. And moreover, their lifespan is really short leading from 1 to 2 years. But apart from these general details on octopus, there are surprising facts you should know about octopus. 

Facts about octopus

1. Octopus has 3 hearts

Most of the organs of the octopus are inside the mantle and the octopus takes water into its mantle and expels water after respiration through a short siphon. They move by crawling with their arms and suckers and when they get alarmed they shoot swiftly backward by ejecting a jet of water from the siphon. And inky substance is ejected when endangered used as a screen. They have 3 hearts, where two hearts plump blood to gills, while the other is responsible for pumping blood to the rest of the body. They crawl because when they swim, they get tired as their heart that pumps blood to the body stops pumping. 

2. Live alone in solitary

They live near the coast and make homes in rocks and corals, living alone in solitary. They are territorial and defend living space against intruders. They have poisons that come from bacteria that reside inside the animals. They are less harmful to humans but a small blue-ringed octopus paralyzes a human adult in minutes. 

3. Strong suction cups


They have suction cups also called suckers that are huge and it has about 2,240 suction cups, that are used to taste, smell, and grip. They are powerful and each one of them has more taste receptors than the human tongue. They are incredibly strong and if it grabs you, it would be difficult to remove them and can actually leave you with bruises. 

4. High IQ Levels

They are known for their high IQ levels, where biologists reported in 2009 to have observed animals cut out coconut shells from the ocean floor to use them as portable shelters. 

5. Hunt at night

They eat snails, small fish, crabs, and sometimes other octopuses, while newly hatched octopuses will eat small foods such as larval crabs, copepods, and sea stars. The octopus species has venom with varying levels of toxicity and injects using a beak which is similar to a bird’s beak. They hunt at night by pouncing on their prey and wrap it in the web between their arms, while they stab their hard-shelled prey with beaks. 

6. Does tricks to escape

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It is hard to catch them, as they do some tricks to escape. When they are threatened, an inky fluid is shooted from their body and makes the water dark and murky to hide, and they even change their colors to blend in with their surroundings. To escape, they even imitate other creatures like crabs, sea snakes, and jellyfish. 

7. Complex brains

They have large and complex brains that have long-term memory and skills in solving problems. A mind-boggling octopus has nine brains that control each leg and arm.

8. Live in deep oceans

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There are octopuses called the Dumbo that live in the deep oceans in the depths of at least 13, 100 feet (4000m) and even deeper than that, which requires the ability to live in very cold water and the complete absence of sunlight. And the deepest ever sighting of the octopus was in the Indian ocean that was spotted 22,965 feet (7,000 m) down. 

9. Movement of severed limbs

If the arm of the octopus is cut off, the severed limb will be moving for about at least an hour due to its individual control of the arms that has a network of neurons around 400,000 guiding the movements without commands from the brain of the creature. 

10. Predicts matches

Rabio, the Octopus has psychic powers to predict international football matches, and it correctly predicted the results of all of Japan’s world cup group stage games. It was encouraged to pick one of three boxes to represent the win, loss, or draw for the national team. And it went on to create the perfect record by predicting Japan’s draw with Senegal and defeat Poland as they narrowly qualified as runners up. But unfortunately, it was caught by fishermen and was sold as seafood. 

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