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We do many things to keep us feel relaxed and stress-free. But there is one easy and effective way of relaxing and that is to keep fish pets at home,  by maintaining a fish tank. You can sit in front of the tank and watch the fish for hours. And when you do this, your mind gets to relax and clear.  Moreover, you can have it as a hobby as well as they are clean and easy to maintain. So if you are trying to have a fish tank at home, consider these tips to keep your fish healthy and happy. 

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It’s better if you can spend 30 minutes a day,  and this will help you to prevent time-consuming problems. There is no need for a major change if the fishes are healthy and tank in good condition.  The rivers, oceans, and lakes consist of fish and they are also being cleaned to make it a suitable environment for those lives.  They are maintained with currents and waves circulating the water naturally and rain adds freshwater while the large volume of water dilutes the harmful toxins. But the aquarium is a small amount of water in a closed system that needs maintenance.  

Filters can help but if it is not maintained well they can get clogged and cause harmful damage. The fish can produce waste, uneaten food decays, and could form harmful by-products. It is important to protect fish from dying too soon and to keep up the aquatic life well,  it is important to maintain your fish tank. 

Tips to maintain a fish tank

Tank cycling 

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The first thing to consider is to cycle the tank.  Do not purchase your fish and fish tank on the same day. It’s better if you have a large aquarium because it is easy to take care of.  The more water you have, the more it is easy to keep the environment to be balanced.  The tank cycle is about growing healthy microorganisms in the tank that breaks the waste and help to keep the water safe for fish. 

It is better if you can keep it at least one week before adding the fish.  So keep in mind that you should not cycle the tank with the fish already in it,  cause it can make the Fish unhealthy.  The tap water contains properties that should be balanced to support aquatic life.  Use dechlorinating agents with biological supplements to condition the water properly.


Proper pH levels should be maintained. Check the pH level with a test kit and check the fluctuations regularly and make necessary changes to balance them to prevent the fish to become stressed or get diseases.  You can start the maintenance of the tank by monitoring the water conditions. Environmental changes make the aquatic life sensitive so ask your partner about the water parameters for nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and pH levels and test it at home to find how much it matches. 


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Start with one fish which is inexpensive to test whether the tank fits the fish and confirm that the equipment work. Different fish have different personalities so so when purchasing them consider what type of fish suits you.  Community fishes are the good tank mates,  but aggressive fishes need special mates or none.  Especially do not mix any tropical fish and Goldfish together. 

Once you buy the fish home,  float the sealed bag that contains your aquatic fish in the tank for at least 15 minutes and not more than an hour.  Open the bag and add a   quarter cup of water from the tank to the bag slowly and repeat the process of adding a quarter cup every 5 minutes until it is full.  This will help in bringing that chemistry and temperatures together and allow the fish to adapt to their new aquatic home without any sudden shock due to the changes. Pour some water from the bag and Lower the bag into the tank for the fish to enter. 

Do not overcrowd your tank with many fish as it might create aggression, stress, and disease and it will be unhealthy for the fish to live. Have few fish that are healthier. And when purchasing, make sure to choose based on the space they need in the tank and their temperament. 


One of the most interesting and enjoyable things when setting up a fish tank is,  creating a beautiful aquarium. You can use a variety of small, medium, and large plants with decorative caves and tunnels for the fish to hide and make them feel safe. You can use real plants to balance certain nutrients and biochemicals and keep in mind that you need to trim and add fertilizers if you are using real plants. Artificial plants are easy to maintain. 

Temperature change in water can also risk aquatic life, so to stabilize the temperature do not place them near a window that gets a lot of sun in air vents that changes the temperature quickly. Tropical freshwater fish require a constant temperature of 72 °F – 82 °F, depending on the species. Heaters can be used to help you maintain the proper temperature.

Manage the amount of light in your fish tank and keep the light on the tank for a maximum of 12 hours every day.  This light is for you,  and not for the fish so that if you are not at home you can have your lights off. 

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Regular change of water

Change water frequently to remove about one-third of the water from the tank every week and replace it with fresh and clean water.  This helps in diluting the chemicals in water and your fish will be healthier.  It would be hard for the water parameters to be kept under control if you do not do this, as the waste will pollute the water.  Remove the debris stuck on the bottom to make it cleaner.  This will only take a few minutes to do. 

Avoid overfeeding

When feeding per day is more than enough and do not feed more than the fish will eat in a few minutes.  It is unhealthy for the fish and leads to diseases. 

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